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grpc-tools cleanup and packaging update - gRPC - [issue]
...This has a few different cleanup changes that we need before publishing the next release:Move the well-known protos copying logic to a prepublish hook instead of putting them in the binary t...    Author: murgatroid99 , 2019-05-12, 23:59
Improve dependency injection for volume plugins - Kubernetes - [issue]
.../kind cleanupToday many of in-tree volume plugin's dependencies are injected through the VolumeHost interface, but there are several pain points:It's difficult to see a list of dependencies ...    Author: verult , 2019-05-12, 23:56
cmd.exec_code_all cannot properly execute some shell/python/ruby snippet - Saltstack - [issue]
...So I am trying to execute some shell fragments using cmd.exec_code_all, and it fail with a rather cryptic error message:$ salt '*' cmd.exec_code_all shell 'LANG=C id' ...    Author: mscherer , 2019-05-12, 23:48
Salt-minion hangs forever - Saltstack - [issue]
...Hello,All my minions started hanging out forever, (on any state whatsoever), I have no Idea why.Captured an example on a minion, the minion just returns a new job_id over and over. Output do...    Author: alfredopalhares , 2019-05-12, 23:48
RFC: add `salt-key` to "salt-common" package - Saltstack - [issue]
...What do folks think of adding the salt-key utility to salt-common, instead of restricting it to salt-master? I am really only interested in the salt-key --gen-keys= functionality. When dynam...    Author: jf , 2019-05-12, 23:48
Function: augeas.change - Error: Unable to save to file! - Saltstack - [issue]
...Description of Issue/QuestionHello Salt team,I picked up an issue when I was trying to update a config file by augeas.change function. I noticed if the config file contains an empty property...    Author: nima0102 , 2019-05-12, 23:48
Custom returners are not seen by master for the event_return - Saltstack - [issue]
...While implementing a custom returner to get #27591 to work without the jid. I added a modified copy of to _returners synced etc. But when switching in the event_return: carb...    Author: arthurlogilab , 2019-05-12, 23:48
Documentation about cp.push is out of date.  It is not supported in 2015.5.10 and should be documented as such. - Saltstack - [issue]
...Description of Issue/QuestionI spent a several hours trying to get cp.push to work between master version 2017.7.0 and minion version 2015.5.10.  The documentation (https://docs.saltsta...    Author: Laserwhit , 2019-05-12, 23:48
fix salt-api doesn't dynamically re-read nodegroups configuration, plase check it for me. - Saltstack - [issue]
...[environment]Salt Version:       Salt: 2017.7.2Dependency Versions:cffi: Not Installedcherrypy: 5.6.0dateutil: Not Installeddocker-py: Not Installedgitdb: Not Installedgi...    Author: zhuleiandy888 , 2019-05-12, 23:48
win_wua.install never actually succeeds - Saltstack - [issue]
...Description of Issue/QuestionAttempting to install Windows Updates via win_wua.install always fails.SetupNo special setup needed.Steps to Reproduce Issueusing win_wua.install, regardless of ...    Author: V3XATI0N , 2019-05-12, 23:48