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[VOTE] Remove deprecated Java Reference Runner code from repository. - Beam - [mail # dev]
...It's been 72 hours and this vote has passed.There are 10 approving votes, 5 of which are binding:* Lukasz Cwik* Ahmet Altay* Pablo Estrada* Robert Bradshaw* Maximilian MichelsThere are no di...
   Author: Daniel Oliveira , 2019-05-17, 23:59
[expand - 1 more] - Nifi - NiFi - [mail # user]
...Run nifi as "Nifi" and no it does not require sudo privilegesOn Fri, May 17, 2019 at 1:23 PM Noe Detore  wrote:> Hello,>> While using Nifi 1.5+ I want to update on a lin...
   Author: John King , Noe Detore , ... , 2019-05-17, 23:59
CSI migration e2e: do not skip tests if metricsGrabber.HasRegisteredM… - Kubernetes - [pullrequest]
...…aster() is trueWhat type of PR is this?/kind bugWhat this PR does / why we need it: Removes PD leaks in PD test suitesWhich issue(s) this PR fixes: Fixes #78050Does this PR introduce a user...    Author: verult , 2019-05-17, 23:57
[expand - 4 more] - [DISCUSS] is it time to make Windows tests gating? - Geode - [mail # dev]
...Windows tests are now in the main pipeline.  There are still a handful of intermittent failures, but generally I expect to see them mostly green.  The increased visibility should h...
   Author: Owen Nichols , Dan Smith , ... , 2019-05-17, 23:57
Bahir Releases for Spark 2.2.3 and 2.3.3 - Bahir - [mail # dev]
...Just heads up that I am planning to work over the weekend to catch upon Spark releases 2.2.3 and 2.3.3. For these releases, I am startingfrom creating a branch from the previous release tag ...
   Author: Luciano Resende , 2019-05-17, 23:47
[FLINK-12549] include exceptions thrown by Hive metastore client in CatalogException in HiveCatalogBase - Flink - [issue]
...currently we don't include exceptions thrown by HMS client in CatalogException. We should do that...    Author: Bowen Li , 2019-05-17, 23:40
[grpc-io] detecting if a client is connected via TLS within a handler - gRPC - [mail # user]
...Dear all,I'm attempting to work out how best to check if a client is connected via TLS  (our server can be configured either with or without TLS, but we intend some requests are not ena...
   Author: plasteredparrot@... , 2019-05-17, 23:40
Check pod not being nil in IsCriticalPod - Kubernetes - [pullrequest]
...What type of PR is this?/kind bugWhat this PR does / why we need it:I see the following when running BenchmarkGetPodsToPreempt :panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer de...    Author: tedyu , 2019-05-17, 23:39
[HDFS-12765] Ozone: Add proper timeout for all ozone tests - HDFS - [issue]
...Proper @Timeout annotation to guarantee ozone tests will not hold the Jenkins machines too long....    Author: Xiaoyu Yao , 2019-05-17, 23:37
api: pass Subchannel state updates to SubchannelStateListener rather than LoadBalancer (take 2) - gRPC - [pullrequest]
...This is a revised version of #5503 (62b03fd), which was rolled back in f8d0868. The newer version passes SubchannelStateListener to Subchannel.start() instead of SubchannelCreationArgs, whic...    Author: zhangkun83 , 2019-05-17, 23:37