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[PROPOSAL] Make all plugins require C++ compiler - TrafficServer - [mail # dev]
...I've been toying with Rust plugins for ATS, but certainly nothing inproduction. It's worth considering, though, that the pluginarchitecture is specifically designed so that users can keep th...
   Author: Chris Lemmons , 2019-05-18, 23:44
vbox on VMware: copying kubeadm: copy: pre-copy: NewSession: EOF - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Hi, I have ubuntu vmware on windows 10 home edition and trying to launch minikube but getting the following error. Please see full logs in the attachmentrecep@ubuntu:~$ uname  -aLinux u...    Author: recepayaz , 2019-05-18, 23:22
[Discuss Kubernetes] Minimal restricted Kubernetes Cluster on Ubuntu in production - Kubernetes - [mail # user]
...I gave up this no-provider and decided to give StorageOS a try using Helm. I installed Helm 2.14.0-linux-amd64 and followed the [documentation](
   Author: static , 2019-05-18, 23:21
feature request: limiting with bandwidth - Envoy - [issue]
...Hi,would like to check if envoy could support similar feature like this: limit on ...    Author: yutongp , 2019-05-18, 23:15
Re: How to setup Git Import with "SCM Git Plugin" and "rundeck.projectsStorageType=db" - Rundeck - [mail # user]
...Hi Andrew,You can configure "SCM Import" perfectly with "rundeck.projectsStorageType=db", the Base Directory is the path of Git local repository (not where Rundeck store the jobs for project...
   Author: Reiner Acuña , 2019-05-18, 23:14
[MNEMONIC-529] Ignore TAG files generated by tagging tools - Mnemonic - [issue]
...There are some tag files generated by tools e.g. ctags, global for vim or emacs that should be ignored. ...    Author: Wang, Gang , 2019-05-18, 22:58
Chore - fix misspellings - Saltstack - [pullrequest]
...What does this PR do?Fixes some misspelled wordsWhat issues does this PR fix or reference?N/ANew BehaviorSome comments will now have words spelled correctly.Could potentially impact for bett...    Author: clickthisnick , 2019-05-18, 22:52
How can I call a one-shot process in a different container - Docker - [mail # user]
...Hi,I am trying to see what is a solid way of creating an extremely flexible C build environment with minimal images for each tool needed.The obvious way is to have a one-shot (i.e. not a ser...
   Author: Satrapes , 2019-05-18, 22:50
Add reinvocation of mutating admission controllers - Kubernetes - [pullrequest]
...What type of PR is this?/kind featureWhat this PR does / why we need it:Implements "mutating webhook re-invocation" per the proposed KEP update.TODO: Ensure we reinvoke ALL in-tree webh...    Author: jpbetz , 2019-05-18, 22:49
[VOTE] Release Apache NiFi Registry 0.4.0 - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...+1 (binding) Release this package as nifi-registry-0.4.0Ran through helper guide. Created 10 flows in 20 buckets via:org/apache/nifi/registry/web/TestRestAPI.javaAdded a bundle to a bucket v...
   Author: Scott Aslan , 2019-05-18, 22:49