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Adding loop_control.notify_scope - Ansible - [pullrequest]
...SUMMARYWhen using notify in a loop, notification targets for all loop items are triggered even if only single loop item has been changed. This PR is adding a loop_control toggle which allows...    Author: jtyr , 2019-05-22, 23:58
Bump version to 7.3.0 - Beats - [issue]    Author: mikemadden42 , 2019-05-22, 23:57
Failed to update cluster: downloading binaries: copy: error removing file /u/usr/bin/kubelet: permission denied - Kubernetes - [issue]
...If this is a bug report, please include: How to replicate the error, including the exact command-lines used. The full output of the command that failed The operating system na...    Author: Shukoorb4u , 2019-05-22, 23:56
Enables support for connection tracking zones (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_ZONES) in the guest VM - Kubernetes - [issue]
...The mini-kube VM currently has"# CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_ZONES is not set"I have a need to use this feature and would like to update the VM image. Is there a recommended way to do this? Is there...    Author: jojimt , 2019-05-22, 23:55
v0.30.0: sshd.service failed (Result: core-dump) - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Environment:minikube version: v0.30.0OS:NAME=NixOSID=nixosVERSION="18.09.2114.e6ad2c30aac (Jellyfish)"VERSION_CODENAME=jellyfishVERSION_ID="18.09.2114.e6ad2c30aac"PRETTY_NAME="NixOS 18.09.21...    Author: chrissound , 2019-05-22, 23:50
[expand - 3 more] - TASK [bro : Download bro] - fatal: [node1]: FAILED! - Metron - [mail # user]
...You probably have multiple Python versions installed.  Take a look at yourerror message again.  More specifically...> ... (the python executable used (/usr/bin/python) is versio...
   Author: Nick Allen , Pablo de Azevedo , ... , 2019-05-22, 23:49
[expand - 2 more] - THRIFT-66 - Bidirectional communication - Thrift - [mail # dev]
...(1) I basically agree with Jim re the main topic. I don't need to repeat it here, see below. IDL changes may be necessary, but if they can be avoided at all that would be the ideal solution....
   Author: Jens Geyer , James E. King III , ... , 2019-05-22, 23:48
Canceling an angular route causes infinite digest loop - Kibana - [issue]
...We recently introduced this change that had an unintended side effect related to this issue.We use a dirty prompt within Watcher to prompt the user if they have unsaved changes if they navig...    Author: chrisronline , 2019-05-22, 23:48
vbox mac: Could not find matching IP for MAC address 0800271b78eb - Kubernetes - [issue]
...minikube v0.33.1macOS 10.4.1virtualbox 6.0.0.../usr/local/bin/minikube -v=8 --alsologtostderr  startStarting local Kubernetes v1.13.2 cluster...verbose.logStarting VM...I0130 10:09:55.1...    Author: tstromberg , 2019-05-22, 23:45
repeating 404 for `GET /apis/` - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Is this a BUG REPORT or FEATURE REQUEST? (choose one): BUG REPORTPlease provide the following details:Environment: MinikubeMinikube version (use minikube version): v0.33.1OS (e.g. from /etc/...    Author: MikeSpreitzer , 2019-05-22, 23:44