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highlighting not working as expected - Solr - [mail # user]
...Hi,If you are using the type "string", it will require exact match, includingspace and upper/lower case.You can use the type "text" for a start, but further down the road it willbe good to h...
   Author: Zheng Lin Edwin Yeo , 2019-06-29, 23:57
Implementing Upsert logic Through Streaming - Spark - [mail # user]
...Not sure what your needs are here.If you can afford to wait, increase your micro batch windows to a longperiod of time, aggregate your data by key every micro batch and then applythose chang...
   Author: Chris Teoh , 2019-06-29, 23:55
[KAFKA-8542] Enable caching of last stable offset segment metadata on follower - Kafka - [issue]
...Followers should cache the log offset metadata for the start offset of each transaction in order to be able to compute the last stable offset without an additional offset index lookup. This ...    Author: Jason Gustafson , 2019-06-29, 23:50
[expand - 2 more] - Map side join without broadcast - Spark - [mail # user]
...The closest thing I can think of here is if you have both dataframeswritten out using buckets. Hive uses this technique for join optimisationsuch that both datasets of the same bucket are re...
   Author: Chris Teoh , Arbab Khalil , ... , 2019-06-29, 23:45
Redis sentinel example - Kubernetes - [issue]
...HiI try to run redis sentinel by this tutor get that there is no master after I delete pod redis-masterredis-9kmr9 ...    Author: AlexProfi , 2019-06-29, 23:44
Add sort-by option to `kubectl top node/pod` - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Add sort-by option to kubectl top node/pod, it supports sort by cpu or memory.It looks like:$ kubectl top pod --sort-by=memory --all-namespacesNAMESPACE        NAME  ...    Author: WanLinghao , 2019-06-29, 23:44
[expand - 12 more] - Re: [VOTE] Release Apache SkyWalking version 6.2.0 - SkyWalking - [mail # dev]
...Hi AllThis is my check list:1. All test case have passed2. Building tar/zip package from source code is successful3. LICENSE and NOTICE files checked.4. Apache RAT checked.+1 no binding李璨 Li...
   Author: yuguang zhao , 李璨 Li Can , ... , 2019-06-29, 23:44
test to make sure dynamic cert works trailing dot in domains - Kubernetes - [pullrequest]
...What this PR does / why we need it:Which issue this PR fixes (optional, in fixes #(, fixes #, ...) format, will close that issue when PR gets merged): fixes #4243Special notes for your revie...    Author: ElvinEfendi , 2019-06-29, 23:43
[expand - 1 more] - Start to Close Down on Apache Knox 1.3.0 Release - Knox - [mail # dev]
...Okay - I have branched for 1.3.0 - after a couple missteps but we should bein order again.Master has been changed to 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT and branch v1.3.0 is set to 1.3.0as appropriate.Again, we ...
   Author: larry mccay , 2019-06-29, 23:39
hack: fixed issues from previous refactor PR - Kubernetes - [issue]
...What type of PR is this?Uncomment only one  /kind  line, hit enter to put that in a new line, and remove leading whitespaces from that line:/kind cleanupWhat this PR does / why we ...    Author: falcon78921 , 2019-06-29, 23:35