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Dependency not resolving with chef-zero - Chef - [mail # user]
...Punit , How did you resolve the issue ,can you please elaborate it---...
   Author: priyanshu , 2019-09-02, 23:59
grpc-js: reject invalid Content-Type requests - gRPC - [issue]
...This commit implements the following portion of the spec:If Content-Type does not begin with "application/grpc", gRPC servers SHOULD respond with HTTP status of 415 (Unsupported Media Type)....    Author: cjihrig , 2019-09-02, 23:59
[expand - 4 more] - Dubbo as OSGi Remote Service Distribution - Dubbo - [mail # dev]
...Hi Jun,On 9/1/2019 10:29 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:> > Yes both of these use cases are supported.  As an example of 1: during > testing of the DubboProvider I exported a DemoService ins...
   Author: Scott Lewis , Jun Liu , ... , 2019-09-02, 23:58
how can the default_server be disabled? - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Hi team:I use helm to install ingress-nginx/stable.a nginx-controller is generated.the confuguration include a block for server _ (## start server _  ## end server _).I use a configmap ...    Author: zffocussss , 2019-09-02, 23:57
Riscv support - Prometheus - [issue]
...These changes add support to Risc-V architecture.Prometheus builds fine with Go Risc-V upstream project from    Author: carlosedp , 2019-09-02, 23:54
[GRIFFIN-279] Upgrade Spring boot to 2.1.7.RELEASE - Griffin - [issue]
...As spring boot 1.x is end of life Aug 1st 2019, it would be great to migrate to 2.1.x.Below is the announcement Guide...    Author: Johnnie , 2019-09-02, 23:41
Doc change. Example of max_block_size impact on runningDifference. - ClickHouse - [pullrequest]
...I hereby agree to the terms of the CLA available at:    Author: den-crane , 2019-09-02, 23:35
Duplicate Condition - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Have you signed the contributor license agreement?Have you followed the contributor guidelines?If submitting code, have you built your formula locally prior to submission with gradle check?I...    Author: anupkmr03 , 2019-09-02, 23:30
Cannot get list of unique tag values from influxdb - InfluxDB - [mail # dev]
...I am new to influxdb but this is just weird.  I have a new DB, started up a telegraf client pushing some data, and I know the data is there.  I need to get a unique list of host na...
   Author: pwnell , 2019-09-02, 23:21
[WIP]TestCase: use `icmd.RunCmd` instead `icmd.StartCmd` - Docker - [pullrequest]
...Use cli.Docker instead dockerCmdWithResult.Signed-off-by: Jintao Zhang [EMAIL PROTECTED]- What I didUse icmd.RunCmd instead icmd.StartCmdAnd use cli.Docker instead dockerCmdWithResult.Maybe ...    Author: tao12345666333 , 2019-09-02, 23:19