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Simplify generics for IContextContainer - Kibana - [pullrequest]
...SummaryThis greatly simplifies the generic types for the IContextContainer by leveraging more type inference and conditional types to be able to pull out all the necessary types from a singl...    Author: joshdover , 2019-09-24, 23:59
How I can help? - TomEE - [mail # dev]
...Hi guys I want to contribute to the opensource. This is a littledescription about me: my name is Alfonso Valdez from México and I worked asa java developer for 14 years. Now I want to contri...
   Author: Alfonso Valdez Altamirano... , 2019-09-24, 23:58
[expand - 1 more] - [ANNOUNCE] New Apache NiFi Committer Rob Fellows - NiFi - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations Rob. Well-earned and welcome to the extra work of committing PRs. Andy LoPresto[EMAIL PROTECTED][EMAIL PROTECTED]PGP Fingerprint: 70EC B3E5 98A6 5A3F D3C4  BACE 3C6E F65...
   Author: Andy LoPresto , Tony Kurc , ... , 2019-09-24, 23:58
xds: clean up client load reporting code - gRPC - [issue]
...Basically, a clean up for styling issues (naming, comments, typos, methods ordering, etc). No behavior change incurred.For load reporting code (and tests) only. Parts for interacting with xD...    Author: voidzcy , 2019-09-24, 23:55
[expand - 3 more] - Reproducible Builds for Maven - Maven - [mail # dev]
...On 24 Sep 2019, at 23:37, Tomo Suzuki wrote:> versions, rather than ranges. Would you share the background why your tool> records the ranges?The full examples is at:  https://gith...
   Author: Mark Derricutt , Tomo Suzuki , ... , 2019-09-24, 23:54
auth: Avoid com.auth0:java-jwt dependency in test (backport 1.24.x) - gRPC - [pullrequest]
...Backport of ##6151....    Author: voidzcy , 2019-09-24, 23:54
Release 1.24.0 - gRPC - [pullrequest]    Author: voidzcy , 2019-09-24, 23:53
colexec: add unit tests for bufferOp - CockroachDB - [pullrequest]
...colexec: minor tweaks to bufferOp and caseOpThis commit cleans up a few things:removes an unused batchLen fieldreuses rewind() within advance()removes the duplicate call to rewind() in caseO...    Author: yuzefovich , 2019-09-24, 23:52
feat: add ConsoleSpanExporter - OpenTelemetry - [issue]
...Which problem is this PR solving?Resolves #120Short description of the changesThis class can be used for diagnostic purposes....    Author: mayurkale22 , 2019-09-24, 23:51
Implement console exporter - OpenTelemetry - [issue]
...Format and sends span data to the console....    Author: mayurkale22 , 2019-09-24, 23:51