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[HDFS-14192] Track missing DFS operations in Statistics and StorageStatistics - HDFS - [issue]
...Track Missing DFS Operations to oblige the Read/Write Statistics and the StorageStatistics....    Author: Ayush Saxena , 2019-10-01, 23:58
[HADOOP-14930] Upgrade Jetty to 9.4 version - Hadoop - [issue]
...Currently 9.3.19.v20170502 is used.In hbase 2.0+, 9.4.6.v20170531 is used.When starting mini dfs cluster in hbase unit tests, we get the following:java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:    Author: Ted Yu , 2019-10-01, 23:57
Revert "Merge pull request #13683 from nikhita/rip-fejta-bot" - Kubernetes - [issue]
...This reverts commit 7c187f3, reversingchanges made to 92fd021.Revert of #13683Due to commenter errors like:    Author: cjwagner , 2019-10-01, 23:56
Reset properties inherited from parent image - Docker - [issue]
...When building an image I may want to reset some of its properties instead of inheriting them from the parent image. It makes sense to inherit all properties by default, but there should be a...    Author: shykes , 2019-10-01, 23:54
FOSDEM Dev room - OpenOffice - [mail # dev]
...Hi Andrea,"Open Document Editors" Developer room is accepted:, it is not in alphabetical order but between "G" and "H"R...
   Author: Matthias Seidel , 2019-10-01, 23:54
Windows pods don't have DNS networking when they start running - Kubernetes - [issue]
...What happened:I started a Windows pod that ran a command that made DNS requests.  The initial DNS request(s) that it made timed out, and then DNS suddenly started working without me doi...    Author: DavidSimner , 2019-10-01, 23:52
(maint) Configure more like pe puppetserver - Puppet - [pullrequest]
...Store things in puppetserver at the same place as pe-puppetserver so upgrades are easy peasyThere's a ton more work to do here...    Author: Iristyle , 2019-10-01, 23:52
Support for named single-file volumes - Docker - [issue]
...Single-file Docker volumes are great to replace / insert configuration files.But the current implementation has some major limitations:you cannot replace the container without the file at pl...    Author: JensPiegsa , 2019-10-01, 23:52
Fix golint issues reported by goreportcard #919 - Kubernetes - [pullrequest]
...What this PR does / why we need it:Fixes the golint issues with recent changes.Which issue(s) this PR fixes (optional, in fixes #(, fixes #, ...) format, will close the issue(s) when PR gets...    Author: sebach1 , 2019-10-01, 23:51
[SPARK-29318] orc library is incorrect in dev/deps/spark-deps-hadoop-3.2 - Spark - [issue]
...orc-core-1.5.6-nohive.jarorc-mapreduce-1.5.6-nohive.jar...    Author: Dongjoon Hyun , 2019-10-01, 23:49