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Adding link to docs - OpenTelemetry - [pullrequest]
...Fixes #245Signed-off-by: Alex Boten [EMAIL PROTECTED]...    Author: codeboten , 2019-12-03, 23:59
Adding link to docs - OpenTelemetry - [issue]
...Fixes #245Signed-off-by: Alex Boten [EMAIL PROTECTED]...    Author: codeboten , 2019-12-03, 23:59
OT shim: Link to documentation in comments about time imprecision - OpenTelemetry - [issue]
...Due to inherent inaccuracies in binary floating point arithmetic, the OT shim's implementation has slight imprecision when converting time values from the OT format to the OTel format and vi...    Author: johananl , 2019-12-03, 23:59
Add typegaurd, use with pytest - OpenTelemetry - [pullrequest]
...Inspired by #258 (comment). It would be great to use our existing type annotations in tests at runtime. I.e., without annotating the tests themselves. Hopefully this uncovers some false-posi...    Author: c24t , 2019-12-03, 23:56
December 12th 2019 Community Meeting - Kubernetes - [mail # dev]
...Hello Friends!For the community meeting taking place on the 12th of December , the sig-release team will use the time slot for the v1.17 release retrospective in place of the other sig updat...
   Author: Marky Jackson , 2019-12-03, 23:54
Kafka Meetup hosted by Confluent at Mountain View, Thursday 5:30pm, December 5th, 2019 - Kafka - [mail # user]
...Hello folks,This is a kind reminder of the Bay Area Kafka® meetup this Thursday (Dec.5th) 5:30pm, at Confluent's new Mountain View HQ office.*RSVP and Register* (if you intend to attend in p...
   Author: Guozhang Wang , 2019-12-03, 23:54
Grafana doesn't obey root_url settings when redirecting after a successfull login. - Grafana - [issue]
...It redirects to a '/' instead of what is configured in the 'root_url'...    Author: zerthimon , 2019-12-03, 23:54
Revert "Fix shellcheck failure in log-dump/" - Kubernetes - [issue]
...This reverts commit e99a325.Probable cause of DumpClusterLogs failures in tests #85753What type of PR is this?/kind bugWhat this PR does / why we need it:Fix DumpClusterLogs failures in 5k c...    Author: jkaniuk , 2019-12-03, 23:53
[SPARK-29604] SessionState is initialized with isolated classloader for Hive if spark.sql.hive.metastore.jars is being set - Spark - [issue]
...I've observed the issue that external listeners cannot be loaded properly when we run spark-sql with "spark.sql.hive.metastore.jars" configuration being used.Exception in thread "main" java....    Author: Jungtaek Lim , 2019-12-03, 23:53
[HBASE-23325] [UI]rsgoup average load keep two decimals - HBase - [issue]
...In /master-status,  rsgoup average load keep two decimals....    Author: xuqinya , 2019-12-03, 23:53