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[expand - 7 more] - [DISCUSS] Airflow Website Blog Guidelines - Airflow - [mail # dev]
...Hello,Maybe we should allow teaser posts, but with a visible label? Newusers, who do not know Airflow well, can see these teasers easily andfind these valuable content. A website without con...
   Author: Kamil Breguła , Kaxil Naik , ... , 2020-01-03, 23:57
Grafana OAuth Authentication - missing saved state - Grafana - [mail # user]
...I tried setting `cookie_samesite = lax` and that fixed it for me---...
   Author: Motoko89 , 2020-01-03, 23:55
[DNM] (SERVER-2618) Spike making settings thread safe - Puppet - [issue]    Author: justinstoller , 2020-01-03, 23:51
[expand - 4 more] - JDBC connection pooling maxActive or MaxTotal - Tomcat - [mail # user]
...chris,Is commons-dbcp-2.x   a Database pooling component for any container Jetty,Jboss tomcat   etc. ?is commons-dbcp-2.x a third option, separate option from the two pooling options [tomcat...
   Author: zahid , Dave Bothwell , ... , 2020-01-03, 23:51
[stable][chartmuseum] Allow use of Bearer Auth - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Signed-off-by: Gerald Barker [EMAIL PROTECTED]What this PR does / why we need it:Allows the public key needed for bearer/token auth to be mounted from a secretAdded the relevant bearer/token...    Author: gezb , 2020-01-03, 23:47
[stable/elasticsearch-curator] add dry-run option to chart - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Signed-off-by: Gerald Barker [EMAIL PROTECTED]What this PR does / why we need it:Allows the curator cronjob to run in dry-run mode to allow easy testing of jobs within a kubernetes clusterSp...    Author: gezb , 2020-01-03, 23:47
[Stable/chartmuseum] Allow external secrets - Kubernetes - [issue]
...Signed-off-by: Gerald Barker [EMAIL PROTECTED]What this PR does / why we need it:Allows the use of a pre-existing secretWhich issue this PR fixesSpecial notes for your reviewer:Checklist[Pla...    Author: gezb , 2020-01-03, 23:47
[stable][selenium] Add the option of adding nodeSelectors - Kubernetes - [issue]
...These can be applied globally or per Selenium component (hub, chrome, chromeDebug, firefox or firefoxDebug)Thank you for contributing to kubernetes/charts. Before you submit this PR we'd lik...    Author: gezb , 2020-01-03, 23:47
Automated cherry pick of #71653: fix cni timeout - Kubernetes - [pullrequest]
...Cherry pick of #71653 on release-1.16.#71653: fix cni timeoutFor details on the cherry pick process, see the cherry pick requests page....    Author: nikopen , 2020-01-03, 23:45
[expand - 1 more] - Looking to 1.0 - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...Thanks for reviewing, Jacques. Re: Jira tagging, the convention I've seenis to use "Fix Version" for open tickets to indicate a target release(that's what the confluence board draws from, fo...
   Author: Neal Richardson , Jacques Nadeau , ... , 2020-01-03, 23:44