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(Enhancement)Add redis stream output - Beats - [pullrequest]
...What does this PR do?Why is it important?Checklist My code follows the style guidelines of this project I have commented my code, particularly in hard-to-understand areas I ha...    Author: maguec , 2020-02-29, 23:59
[RANGER-227] Upgrade old policies. - Ranger - [issue]
...Old policies may have been written with namespace embedded in the table name itself, e.g. "blah:table-name".  Alternatively, we could add default namespace on the policies that don't ha...    Author: Alok Lal , 2020-02-29, 23:58
What's the calculate logical when a DateTime data which is beyond 2105-12-31 23:59:59 is inserted into ClickHouse - ClickHouse - [issue]
...BackGround:Table schemaCREATE TABLE test.dt(timestamp DateTime,event_id UInt8)ENGINE = TinyLogDateTimeSupported range of values: [1970-01-01 00:00:00, 2105-12-31 23:59:59].https://clickhouse...    Author: ggchangan , 2020-02-29, 23:57
[RANGER-217] Add LDAPS support / fix incorrectly returning Bad Credentials for connection problem - Ranger - [issue]
...When configuring ranger-admin to use LDAPS it seems to not be supported or breaks with incorrect error.In install.propertiesxa_ldap_url="ldaps://"While attempting to log i...    Author: Hari Sekhon , 2020-02-29, 23:56
[RANGER-98] Incorporate maven-dependency-plugin to fail build if unused dependencies are specified - Ranger - [issue]
...We will have to identify and deal with dependencies that are needed due to run-time inclusion....    Author: Alok Lal , 2020-02-29, 23:55
[RANGER-96] Eliminate the need to manage the transitive and multi-version dependancies by hand during depadency phase - Ranger - [issue]
...Currently we have to manage the multiple version of a dependency or transitive dependency by hand via specifying version numbers in the dependencySets during assembly phase.  For exampl...    Author: Alok Lal , 2020-02-29, 23:54
[RANGER-95] Coealace version numbers in parent pom such that child poms don't need to specify a version - Ranger - [issue]
...Using dependencyManagement tag in parent is considered a best practice and can eliminate several issues including helping with transitive dependencies issue and to get tool support if child ...    Author: Alok Lal , 2020-02-29, 23:54
[RANGER-135] Build Web Site for Argus/Ranger - Ranger - [issue] holder jira to track the website changes and improvements....    Author: Sree Vaddi , 2020-02-29, 23:53
[ATLAS-273] Search query for a trait results in GUID and type. The query response can also include entity name. - Atlas - [issue]
...Search query for a trait results in GUID and type. The query response can also include entity name.1. Currently an API request querying for trait results in GUID and typename. For example:cu...    Author: Ayub Pathan , 2020-02-29, 23:50
[ATLAS-275] Improve error message when creating a trait and not specifying all required trait attributes - Atlas - [issue]
...When an attempt is made to add a trait to an entity where not all of the trait attributes are provided, the error msg returned to the user is:"Error deserializing trait instance"The user tha...    Author: John Speidel , 2020-02-29, 23:49