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[expand - 1 more] - Problems with eMail - OpenMeetings - [mail # user]
..."Read timed out" usually means the connection is being blocked by FW ....Can you check with telnet ?On Sun, 5 Apr 2020 at 23:55, Konrad Schwarz wrote:> Hi All,> thanks for developing O...
   Author: Maxim Solodovnik , Konrad Schwarz , ... , 2020-04-05, 23:59
[FLUME-3362] Is Flume still maintained? - Flume - [issue]
...Is Flume still maintained?There hasn't been any release for more than a year, and PRs are no longer being accepted and merged.Can we please have an official status of the project?Thanks....    Author: Chadi , 2020-04-05, 23:56
[expand - 7 more] - Creating pull request build - OpenMeetings - [mail # dev]
...I don't see PR build here: buildbot can be used? even Travis (with some lig...
   Author: Maxim Solodovnik , seba.wagner@... , ... , 2020-04-05, 23:55
Error loading result file with ~/ prefix in Windows 10 - JMeter - [mail # user]
...Hi everyone,After running in some problems trying to load a file in the ViewResult Tree window I realized that JMeter will throw an error if wepress Enter in the Write results to file / Read...
   Author: _elgato , 2020-04-05, 23:50
start deck failed - Kubernetes - [issue]
...{"component":"deck","file":"prow/kube/config.go:143","func":"","level":"info","msg":"Loading cluster contexts...","time":"2019-07-18T15:26:42Z"}...    Author: Chendiguang , 2020-04-05, 23:42
Inspector: combine JSON style tabes and allow editing - Grafana - [pullrequest]
...This PR:Combines the "Request" and "Panel JSON" tabs under a single "JSON" tabReplaces the angular "Panel JSON" behavior with the inspectoradds an additional JSON option (DataFrame Structure...    Author: ryantxu , 2020-04-05, 23:41
Feature Request: Add help for group creations on edit job menu - Rundeck - [issue]
...Inside the "Edit Job" menu is possible to configure group and sub groups for the job, some times is not evident that you could create sub groups by using slash character "/" (tested on linux...    Author: snebel29 , 2020-04-05, 23:38
Feature Request: Form: returned value for selected input - Rundeck - [issue]
...Hi,I would like to know if it is possible to have different values than what is displayed in the select boxFor instance:Yes (will return '-c')No (will return '-p')I did try the JSON way in t...    Author: TomGudman , 2020-04-05, 23:38
Feature Request for API- to change job schedule time and notification params - Rundeck - [issue]
...Can we have api to change job schedule time and notification email ids....    Author: nyeedi , 2020-04-05, 23:38
Feature Request: allow adhoc jobs to accept alternate result codes for success - Rundeck - [issue]
...The adhoc command feature is a very nice tool for quick commands across a large number of machines, but it can be very limited when your command doesn't fit the normal mold.  One of tho...    Author: dbeckham , 2020-04-05, 23:38