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opt: update xform tests - CockroachDB - [issue]
...Update comments on a couple xform tests, and uncomment a trading testthat now is working.Release note: None...    Author: andy-kimball , 2020-04-13, 23:59
[expand - 4 more] - Can't run any container that binds a port - Docker - [mail # user]
...> Yeah it does look like some managed containers(the containers created as part of a service) are not getting cleaned upas i said, i've tried to completly remove docker (following the doc...
   Author: Maxwell Souza , Lewish95 , ... , 2020-04-13, 23:56
PostgreSQL wire protocol implementation - ClickHouse - [pullrequest]
...I hereby agree to the terms of the CLA available at: category (leave one):New FeatureChangelog entry (a user-readable short description of the c...    Author: MovElb , 2020-04-13, 23:56
[expand - 1 more] - AccessLogValve and IPv6 string representation (RFC 5952 section 4) - Tomcat - [mail # user]
...Am 2020-04-14 um 01:45 schrieb Manuel Dominguez Sarmiento:> Hi, we are in the middle of a thorough review to fully support IPv6 > across our platform. It has come to our attention that...
   Author: Michael Osipov , Manuel Dominguez Sarmient... , ... , 2020-04-13, 23:55
[OFFER] Remove ZooKeeper as hard-dependency, support etcd, Consul, OR ZooKeeper - Mesos - [mail # dev]
...Apache ZooKeeper  is a large dependency.Enabling developers and operations to use etcd , Consul, or ZooKeeper should reduce resource utilisation andenable new use cases.There have alrea...
   Author: Samuel Marks , 2020-04-13, 23:54
Clarifying PKI auth settings for beats monitoring - Beats - [pullrequest]
...The previous wording focused on how the "username" was resolved but this wasconfusing because the change we're trying to make is to switch authenticationschemes (from HTTP basic auth to PKI ...    Author: tvernum , 2020-04-13, 23:54
Input File Tracking - Beam - [mail # user]
...I have a use case where I'm regularly polling for and downloading datafiles from a public (government) web site.  I then intake these files froma directory and pass them through a Beam ...
   Author: Cameron Bateman , 2020-04-13, 23:53
[CASSANDRA-15723] Add support in in-jvm dtest for JMX values - Cassandra - [issue]
...There are several tests which need to use callOnInstance to extract a metric value, this makes it so the tests are specific to the current version and can not be extracted out.  To help...    Author: David Capwell , 2020-04-13, 23:53
clusterversion: mint the 20.1 cluster version - CockroachDB - [pullrequest]
...Release note: none....    Author: dt , 2020-04-13, 23:53
ui: Rendering of node names is inconsistent in the code - CockroachDB - [issue]
...Currently a lot of different code is responsible for rendering node names in the Admin UI. It would make sense to standardize on a single format and ensure that one place in the code is resp...    Author: dhartunian , 2020-04-13, 23:53