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MFT enhancements - Airavata - [mail # dev]
...Hi,I am getting the below error. Has anyone of you faced the issue?I have defined all the things in the proto file. Attaching the proto filetoo for the reference.2020-04-27 19:14:42,072 [OkH...
   Author: GOPI KIRAN , 2020-04-27, 23:59
[IMPALA-9176] Make access to null-aware partition from PartitionedHashJoinNode read-only - Impala - [issue]
...Currently the accesses to null_aware_partition() are logically read-only (since the rows and other state is not mutated) and only accesses the build row when pinned, but is implemented using...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2020-04-27, 23:58
Time labels in Admin UI not usable by IT Operations - CockroachDB - [issue]
...Time labels in UI, as marked in the attached screenshot, don't provide information with meaningful granularity required by IT operations.Actual timestamps are needed to be able to investigat...    Author: a-entin , 2020-04-27, 23:58
[expand - 2 more] - [InfluxData Community] Multiple headers Multiple URLs - Telegraf - [mail # user]
...HI @Anaisdg so my telegraf.conf should look similar to the below? `[[inputs.http]]``urls = [``  "` `` `   ...etc`` ]``data...
   Author: mbooth , Anaisdg , ... , 2020-04-27, 23:54
[expand - 2 more] - Multiple headers Multiple URLs - InfluxDB - [mail # dev]
...HI @Anaisdg so my telegraf.conf should look similar to the below? `[[inputs.http]]``urls = [``  "` `` `   ...etc`` ]``data...
   Author: mbooth , Anaisdg , ... , 2020-04-27, 23:54
Using helm links to non-existent section on Tiller TLS configuration - Kubernetes - [issue]
... says:By default, when Tiller is installed,it does not have authentication enabled. To learn more about configuring strong TLS authentication for Tiller, cons...    Author: danderson , 2020-04-27, 23:53
[expand - 8 more] - [DISCUSS] Java specific APIs design concern and choice - Spark - [mail # dev]
...I would like to make sure I am open for other options that can beconsidered situationally and based on the context.It's okay, and I don't target to restrict this here. For example, DSv2, Iun...
   Author: Hyukjin Kwon , Ryan Blue , ... , 2020-04-27, 23:53
[expand - 5 more] - RFC: Should we maintain plugins written in Go? - Collectd - [mail # user]
...Thanks Florian for the improvements around go-collectd packages.> In a nutshell, it allows to implement a plugin in Go, compile it to a shared object and then load it like other "native" ...
   Author: Ranganath, Sunku , Florian Forster , ... , 2020-04-27, 23:52
Edits create anomaly job intro text - Kibana - [pullrequest]
...SummaryThis PR edits the text in the following panel: Change “supplied configuration” to “Use pre-configured job” or “Use a recommended configuration”? Change “The fields in your d...    Author: lcawl , 2020-04-27, 23:51
(PDB-4305) stop dumping stack traces on bad query - Puppet - [issue]
...Return a proper HTTP 400 response when a bad query is sent by a user....    Author: robdaemon , 2020-04-27, 23:51