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[AMBARI-24666] Implement data visualization color palette - Ambari - [issue]
...Colors in data visualization should be used in the following order of priority: #41bfae #79e3d1 #63c2e5 #c4aeff #b991d9 #ffb9bf #ffae65 #f6d151 #a7cf82 #abdfd5 #3aac9c #6dccbc #59aece #b09ce...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-09-24, 20:04
[AMBARI-24645] Issues with tooltip containing custom time range for charts - Ambari - [issue]
...The tooltip content is not formatted Tooltip isn't displayed on some pages...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-09-24, 20:04
[AMBARI-24619] Horizontal scroll bar on assign slaves and clients page is not convenient for deploy with numerous hosts - Ambari - [issue]
...It is not convenient to configure slaves and clients for deploy with numerous hosts because horizontal scroll bar is placed in the bottom of hosts list....    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-09-24, 20:03
[AMBARI-24561] Update styles for pre-upgrade modals - Ambari - [issue]
...Move 'Preparing the Upgrade' text from the corresponding modal to its header Upgrade Options popup: add some vertical padding between peragraphs Upgrade Options popup: center the contents of...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-08-31, 12:07
[AMBARI-24555] Nifi Registry install fails - Ambari - [issue]
...Facing issue installing Nifi Registry on HDP_HDF cluster. The create keytab step in Ambari is failing during installation. Below exception is seen in ambari logs.2018-08-21 13:11:03,401 ERRO...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-08-31, 12:07
[AMBARI-24525] Accumulo does not startup in Federated Cluster - Ambari - [issue]
...In a manually setup federated cluster (not through deployNG) –Accumulo was installed and when trying to start, below error thrown –2018-08-16 07:33:31,748 [start.Main] ERROR: Thr...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-08-31, 11:51
[AMBARI-24500] Stack and Versions page style fixes - Ambari - [issue]
...Change text in 'Manage versions' modal Fix alignment issues on Versions tab Wrap services column on Versions tab into white block Remove redundant horizontal space in services column Make sh...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-08-17, 22:07
[AMBARI-24280] Fix ambari-admin UI unit tests - Ambari - [issue]
...As of now UTs are failing:#Editablelist directive Editing Updates permissions after save FAILED#Editablelist directive Editing Show dialog window if user trying to leave page without save FA...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-08-16, 21:13
[AMBARI-24482] Overlapping text in Recommendations in Configurations page while UI installer - Ambari - [issue]
...Overlapping text in Centralized Configurations page: config-validation-overlap.png...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-08-15, 15:03
[AMBARI-24362] Fixes for modal with config validations and dependent properties - Ambari - [issue]
...Dependent configs table: Checkboxes should be located on the left side Properties names hyperlinks are broken; remove the links and add the tooltip with property description on hover instead...    Author: Andrii Babiichuk , 2018-07-27, 14:06