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[AMBARI-24631] [Log Search UI] styles and layout fixes - Ambari - [issue]
...Move number of events up on the page higher so it’s centered between the top of the gray area and the beginning of the Histogram frame The message about triggering auto-refresh should be dis...    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-09-19, 13:16
[AMBARI-24656] [Log Search UI] Handle the 401 and the 403 response status at login - Ambari - [issue]
...Since the backend response at login/authorisation has been changed in the way that the 401 and the 403 status is handled differently the UI should reflect on this change....    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-09-18, 13:06
[AMBARI-24610] [Log Search UI] Show user friendly component name in query input - Ambari - [issue]    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-09-10, 23:03
[AMBARI-24613] [Log Search UI] Date picker preset ranges are not displayed properly - Ambari - [issue]
...[Logsearch UI] Date picker preset ranges are not displayed properly...    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-09-10, 12:18
[AMBARI-24580] [Log Search UI] Change the fix width and the height for the modal to flexible layout - Ambari - [issue]
...The modals have fixed with and height and it can make the app difficult to use. So the modals should be flexible enough to be visible everytime....    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-09-07, 17:08
[AMBARI-23820] [Log Search UI] add different options of hostname display - Ambari - [issue]
...Provide a setting to show FQDN or short hostname:FQDN: logsearch-demo-1.c.pramod-thangali.internalShort Hostname: logsearch-demo-1If shortname is preferred then show: FQDN.split(“.”)[0&#...    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-09-05, 23:24
[AMBARI-24435] [Log Search UI] Remove underline text decoration from dropdowns on hover - Ambari - [issue]
...The dropdown buttons have underline text decoration on mouse hover, it should be removed....    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-08-30, 22:40
[AMBARI-24551] [Log Search UI] get rid of redundant requests after undoing or redoing several history steps - Ambari - [issue]
...After undoing or redoing more than one history items several redundant API requests are sent. This occurs because changes for several filter controls are applied step-by-step, and each contr...    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-08-28, 14:21
[AMBARI-24426] [Log Search UI] Show user friendly component names in Log Index Filter screen - Ambari - [issue]
...Show the user friendly component names on the screen of the Log Index Filter, where the filter level can be set up....    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-08-27, 14:38
[AMBARI-24490] [Log Search UI] Time Histogram Chart keep invert grey selection area when no selection happened - Ambari - [issue]
...When the use clicks on the histogram, but he/she does not create selection the grey invert-selection area stays there....    Author: Istvan Tobias , 2018-08-20, 21:31