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[AMBARI-24747] Add Component to host functionality broken - Ambari - [issue]
...On the Host view, the Add Component functionality (clicking on the Add button in the Components section) is broken....    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-10-16, 19:37
[AMBARI-24788] Install wizard config page blank on first load due to async bug - Ambari - [issue]
...Bug in config loading code causes configuration page of install wizard to be blank initially....    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-10-16, 19:36
[AMBARI-24756] Restart All service on a host function not working - Ambari - [issue]
...Navigate to summary page for a single host.Drop down Host Actions menu.Click Restart All.Server throws exception about missing stackId....    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-10-10, 19:33
[AMBARI-24694] Redo Add Host wizard - Ambari - [issue]
...Add Host wizard needs major revamp to work in v3.0....    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-10-08, 19:39
[AMBARI-24630] Redo Add Service wizard - Ambari - [issue]
...Add Service wizard needs major revamp to work with v3.0 mpack model....    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-10-08, 19:39
[AMBARI-24492] Refactor select mpacks view - Ambari - [issue]
...The select mpacks view needs to be refactored for two reasons: Needs to be able to display previously installed mpacks/services. Needs to be aligned with the multi-instance model behind the ...    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-09-12, 19:15
[AMBARI-24414] Service config versions call fails at deploy step - Ambari - [issue]
...Deploy step fails due to a change to the service_config_versions API. Error message:The properties [ServiceConfigVersion/service_config_version_note, ServiceConfigVersion/stack_id] specified...    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-08-08, 12:50
[AMBARI-24140] Use name, version, and registry ID when registering mpacks - Ambari - [issue]
...When registering mpacks from a registry, the UI should use the form of the registration request that passes the mpack name, mpack version, and registry ID instead of the form that passes the...    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-06-20, 19:10
[AMBARI-24095] Update usage of StackService data model due to change in ID format - Ambari - [issue]
...The StackService model data model need to be changed so that the IDs are no longer just the service name, since we can have the same service in multiple service groups and we need to be able...    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-06-20, 19:10
[AMBARI-24137] Mpack display for a service showing NULL - Ambari - [issue]
...On the summary view for a service, the Mpack display is showing "NULL (NULL)" where it is expected to show the correct Mpack name and (version) for the service....    Author: Jason Golieb , 2018-06-20, 19:10