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[AMBARI-24582] Ambari Alert - HiveServer2 Process - False negative in Certain Scenarios - Ambari - [issue]
...The Hive Alert & Hive Service Check both share the same logic from hive_check which attempts to execute something similar to:beeline -u '%s' %s -e ';' 2>&1| awk '{print}' | grep -...    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-31, 20:45
[AMBARI-24537] Use Mpack Instance Manager To Switch Component Instance Version on Upgrade - Ambari - [issue]
...Mpacks will not continue use the stack-select tools which have been used by various stacks over the past few years. Previously, each stack shipped a tool which would manipulate the symlinks ...    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-31, 17:46
[AMBARI-24275] Unable to Restart Hive When Using An Ambari-Managed MySQL Server - Ambari - [issue]
...During restart of Hive, the following is observed:Traceback (most recent call last):  File "/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/common-services/HIVE/",...    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-31, 03:11
[AMBARI-24530] Merge trunk into branch-feature-AMBARI-14714 - Ambari - [issue]
...Some fixes from trunk are needed for STOMP-controlled data holders. Merging with trunk is probably a good idea since it's been a few weeks....    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-24, 12:17
[VOTE] Apache Ambari 2.7.1 RC0 - Ambari - [mail # dev]
...+1 for RC0- SHA verified- Performed build- Compared files against git for diffs (none besides build artifacts)On 8/21/18, 3:25 PM, "Olivér Szabó"  wrote:    Hi All,  &nb...
   Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-23, 18:20
[AMBARI-24501] Update UpgradeSummary to Include Mpack Information - Ambari - [issue]
...The upgradeSummary object being sent down during an upgrade needs to be updated to include the following fields: Mpack To/From Information Service Group To/From/Type Information Component Ve...    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-23, 15:51
[AMBARI-23478] YARN Cluster CPU Usage Graph Always Shows High CPU Usage - Ambari - [issue]
...ISSUEIn Ambari, YARN's Cluster CPU widget always shows relatively high CPU usage, when NodeManager in a cluster is more than one.    (started another node at around 19:00)REPRODUCE...    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-21, 06:32
[AMBARI-22721] Centralize the Management of Tarball Uploading - Ambari - [issue]
...Ambari is required to upload tarballs into HDFS for many of the services to correctly function after they are installed. This tarball management is not centralized in any way, and is instead...    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-21, 06:16
[AMBARI-24483] Timeline v2 HBase Does Start After Upgrade Due to Missing System Queue - Ambari - [issue]
...During Upgrade If cluster is big i.e >50GB and each machines has minimum 10GB resources If yarn-system queue doesn't exist then we shall create a queue with zero capacity. All the nece...    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-15, 16:02
[AMBARI-24467] Report Component Instance On Agent Registration - Ambari - [issue]
...AMBARI-24416 attempted to fix a problem where component versions were no longer reported  on startup since the agents were switched to a push-style framework using STOMP endpoints for i...    Author: Jonathan Hurley , 2018-08-15, 12:08