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Mount module not mounting sshfs using state: mounted - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYAnsible mount module not mounting sshfs using state: mountedISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEAnsible mountANSIBLE VERSIONansible 2.9.5  config file = /Users/ap/ansible-workspace...    Author: CodeSmolder , 2020-05-29, 20:34
mount module cannot use `UUID=...` sources with `mounted` state - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYAccording to the documentation the mount module can accept UUID=...-type strings as argument to its src parameter, see the third example in    Author: MichaelRiss , 2020-05-29, 20:34
Mount module fails on nfs mounts with "as it does not exist' - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYWhen using the ansible 'mount' module to mount an NFS export, the play fails with an error containing "... as it does not exist".ISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEAnsible module mount...    Author: wirerydr , 2020-05-29, 20:34
run playbook from collections - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYansible-playbook bcoca.mycollest.install_dependencies --limit localhostISSUE TYPEFeature Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEcore...    Author: bcoca , 2020-05-29, 20:34
Test ansible-galaxy against pulp/pulp_ansible - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYTest ansible-galaxy against pulp/pulp_ansibleISSUE TYPEFeature Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEmanyADDITIONAL INFORMATION...    Author: sivel , 2020-05-29, 20:34
sanity test for make changelog - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYmake changelog uses ansible-doc --json.  This isn't being tested so it can unexpectedly block release.Since we need make changelog itself to work, we probably should base our san...    Author: abadger , 2020-05-29, 20:29
include_tasks in a loop breaks task execution order - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEinclude_tasksANSIBLE VERSIONansible 2.4.4 (stable-2.4 92cea82a4e) last updated 2018/03/04 14:53:42 (GMT +300)  config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg&n...    Author: mr-fIErcE , 2020-05-29, 20:21
Add state=empty into file module - Ansible - [issue]
...From @Nindaleth on March 6, 2015 17:2ISSUE TYPEFeature IdeaCOMPONENT NAMEfileSUMMARYIn our playbooks we need to empty some folders, but currently our only option seems to be using command or...    Author: erikdw , 2020-05-29, 20:10
Remove docs-build dependency on ANSIBLE-METADATA - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYthe docs build doesn't need any of the ANSIBLE_METADATA that is included in the module code for collections.Tasks to fix this: Remove the module docs code that looks for the supp...    Author: samccann , 2020-05-29, 20:10
Module lvg did not resize physical volume if needed - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEmodule: lvgANSIBLE VERSIONansible  config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg  configured module search path = Default w/o overrides  pyt...    Author: Gehrken , 2020-05-29, 20:02