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Fix builddep when a source package exists without a binary package - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEapt.pyANSIBLE VERSIONdevel 2.2 2.1SUMMARYbuilddep only requires a source package to be in the repos but our codewas checking for a binary package b...    Author: abadger , 2016-10-22, 16:08
Only change to short IDs for delete - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEapt_key.pyANSIBLE VERSIONdevel stable-2.2SUMMARYIf the user specifies long IDs, use them for all commands except fordeleting a key.  Need to u...    Author: abadger , 2017-01-24, 18:04
Remove the yaml dep from the git module - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEsource_control/git.pyANSIBLE VERSIONdevel 2.2SUMMARYBecause this code was copied from the controller-side, it used the yaml library to parse key: v...    Author: abadger , 2016-10-21, 15:58
Fix exception hierarchy for digital ocean and some cleanups of pep8 style - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEcloud/digitalocean/*.pyANSIBLE VERSIONdevel and 2.2SUMMARYFixes #4613...    Author: abadger , 2016-10-05, 21:46
fix regression introduced by f38186ce8b49ea98e29241712da45917a3154e73… - Ansible - [issue]
...…, and propose a fix for docker factsCherry-pick docker facts fix from devel...    Author: abadger , 2015-12-19, 00:25
Change behavior of around installing recommended packages (#1916) with requested fixes - Ansible - [issue]
...Here's @hlieberman's changes to with the changes requested by @bcoca....    Author: abadger , 2015-11-03, 01:10
Use select in wait_for so that we don't get stuck in cornercases: - Ansible - [issue]
...reading from a socket that gave some data we weren't looking for andthen from a socket that stays open and never sends data.reading from a socket that sends data but not the data...    Author: abadger , 2015-10-29, 17:50
Alternative to #2262 that uses two parameters - Ansible - [issue]    Author: abadger , 2015-11-02, 17:02
Replace outdated idiom choices=BOOLEANS - Ansible - [issue]
...Argument specs used to use choices=BOOLEANS to specify that an argument should be True or False.  We've since enhanced the argument_spec code so that type='bool' does the job.  We ...    Author: abadger , 2015-12-22, 15:52
Use rpm instead of repoquery for is_installed() - Ansible - [issue]
...This keeps us from hitting bugs in repoquery/yum plugins in certaininstances (#2559).The previous is also a small performance boostAlso in is_installed(), when using the yum API, return if w...    Author: abadger , 2015-12-19, 00:25