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File refactor - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYRefactoring file so that it is easier to:fix bugs.  Right now, fixing a bug for one use case has unintended consequences for other usesunittest permutations.  There are many...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-10, 17:31
Ensure remove files work when file was already removed - Ansible - [issue]
...BackportIf a file disappears when you are removing it, this will ensure itdoesn't fail and continues as expected.(cherry picked from commit 6a08b16)Add changelog for file removal race(cherry...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-14, 16:05
Make remote_tmp work - Ansible - [issue]
...With universal tempdir, we always have to create a remote_tmp because wedo not know if the module needs it or not.  So we can no longer dependon pipelining disabling the need for a temp...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-14, 16:05
Revert "Configurable list of facts modules (#31783)" - Ansible - [issue]
...This reverts commit 95655fa.SUMMARY#31783Should not have been merged.  It has problems that must be addressed first.ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEfactsANSIBLE VERSIONdevelA...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-14, 16:06
Fix encoding issue when parsing plugin examples - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYThere was a non-fatal docs build error when non-ascii characters were used in examples (for instance, the debug documentation).  This should fix that problem.ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pul...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-14, 16:06
File refactor2 - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYThis PR builds on #39345 finishing up the standardization of return calues from functions.Port away from fail_json()Use an exception to return failures rather than fail_json().  ...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-14, 16:05
Fix for file module with recursive permission setting and broken syml… - Ansible - [issue]
...…inksThere was a traceback when setting permissions on a directory tree whenthere were broken symlinks inside of the tree and follow=true.  chmod -Rignores broken symlinks inside of the...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-07, 16:41
Fix for file module with symlinks to nonexistent target (#39635) - Ansible - [issue]
...Fix for file module with symlinks to nonexistent targetWhen creating a symlink to a nonexistent target, creating the symlinkwould work but subsequent runs of the task would fail because it w...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-07, 16:41
Reorganize and expand the file tests - Ansible - [issue]
...Pull the tests for state=link into their own filePull tests for what happens when dest is a directory outExpand both of the above sets of testsISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEtest...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-07, 16:41
Document follow changes - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEDocs Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEANSIBLE VERSION2.5.2...    Author: abadger , 2019-05-07, 16:41