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ini_file drops empty file with ansible-playbook --check (dry run) - Ansible - [issue]
...From @fulminemizzega on 2016-06-12T23:59:32ZISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEini_fileANSIBLE VERSIONansible  config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg  configured module sear...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-11, 15:33
VLAN idempotency breaks with special case in eos_config - Ansible - [issue]
...From @michaelgaribaldi on 2016-10-28T22:32:33ZISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEeos_configANSIBLE VERSIONansible 2.3.0  config file = /home/vagrant/iostest/ansible.cfg  configured ...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-11, 15:33
ios_command module fails with "msg": "matched error in response: ..." - Ansible - [issue]
...From @pahansson on 2016-11-17T13:50:31ZISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEios_commandANSIBLE VERSIONansible 2.3.0CONFIGURATIONOS / ENVIRONMENTN/ASUMMARYWhen running the ios_command module wit...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-11, 15:33
ios_command: Weird stdout & missing results[].cli_command field when a pipe is used - Ansible - [issue]
...From @jean-christophe-manciot on 2016-11-24T16:42:44ZISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEios_commandbut the issue might be caused by another module such as "include_role" for instance.ANSIBLE ...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-11, 15:33
unarchive: unhelpful error message when "owner" does not exist and unarchiving tar.gz - Ansible - [issue]
...From @bart2 on 2016-11-29T15:31:14ZISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEunarchiveANSIBLE VERSIONansible 2.3.0  config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg  configured module search path = ...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-11, 15:33
ios_config: multiline ip sla does not correctly handle escaped URLs - Ansible - [issue]
...From @bdlamprecht on 2016-12-02T23:56:45ZISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEios_configANSIBLE VERSIONansible  config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg  configured module searc...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-11, 15:33
add github deploy keys - Ansible - [issue]
...From @jmdh on 2015-12-04T14:22:55ZIssue Type:Feature IdeaComponent Name:new moduleAnsible Version:N/AAnsible Configuration:N/AEnvironment:N/ASummary:Instead of writing:- user: name=blah gene...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-17, 14:31
DigitalOcean Floating IP - Ansible - [issue]
...From @bborysenko on 2016-02-10T15:45:06ZISSUE TYPEFeature IdeaCOMPONENT NAMEnew moduleANSIBLE VERSIONN/ASUMMARYWill be great to have module to manage DigitalOcean Floating IP shipped with An...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-17, 14:31
vsphere_guest: Deploy from template receives [NoPermissionFault] - Ansible - [issue]
...From @gkhays on 2016-07-07T01:46:05ZISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEvsphere_guestANSIBLE VERSIONansible  config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg  configured module search ...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-17, 14:31
Bower needs an executable option. - Ansible - [issue]
...From @kitsunde on 2015-08-27T10:07:50ZISSUE TYPEFeature IdeaCOMPONENT NAMEbower moduleANSIBLE VERSION2.1SUMMARYI use nvm and so my bower isn't available on a system level:$ which bower/home/...    Author: ansibot , 2019-06-17, 14:31