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rearranged systemd check, removed redundant systemctl check - Ansible - [issue]
...also fixed unused cmd and state var assignements...    Author: bcoca , 2015-11-01, 22:12
better handling of checkmode for solaris - Ansible - [issue]
...alternate of #2297 that also fixes #2296...    Author: bcoca , 2015-12-12, 22:39
added regex support to find - Ansible - [issue]
...Also added 'singular' aliasess to patterns and paths...    Author: bcoca , 2015-11-01, 22:12
Ec2 elb get really all items - Ansible - [issue]
...fixes #2115...    Author: bcoca , 2015-11-17, 20:20
changed default networkmode to default - Ansible - [issue]
...previous default of bridge did not seem to work for all usersfixes #1885...    Author: bcoca , 2015-12-15, 02:31
make chdir a path so it resolves shell aliases - Ansible - [issue]
...also removed this_dir logic as it is not needed, chdir is None by default and run_command can handle that....    Author: bcoca , 2015-11-01, 22:13
be smarter when dealing with policy_json input - Ansible - [issue]
...Now module will assume that if the argument is a string it is already formated as jsonand will only try to convert non strings into json string.Also removed unused 'msg' var declarations and...    Author: bcoca , 2016-03-10, 23:34
service goes back to failing when absent - Ansible - [issue]
...if no tools and no init script, this should always fail...    Author: bcoca , 2015-12-17, 18:04
added mime option to stat module - Ansible - [issue] uses file magic to now return mime_type and charset of a file asper output of file -i /path...    Author: bcoca , 2015-12-16, 14:13
Async chdir - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEasync_wrapperANSIBLE VERSION2.2SUMMARYRemove chdir as it changed the default directory for async tasks vs non async  ones....    Author: bcoca , 2016-10-03, 03:54