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remove properties from vars in include_role (#38968) - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYremove properties from vars in include_rolealso from_ args(cherry picked from commit b9f7f58)ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEinclude_roleANSIBLE VERSION2.5...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-10, 17:31
fix keyword doc generation - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYuse aliases when they existfix hardcoded loop attributes handling(cherry picked from commit 19fee0e)ISSUE TYPEDocs Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEdoc keywordsANSIBLE VERSION2.5...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-10, 17:31
Configurable list of facts modules - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYAllows fact gathering and new 'gather_facts' option to run a configurable list of fact moculesISSUE TYPEFeature Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEfactsANSIBLE VERSION2.5...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-14, 16:05
added check mode spport to package_facts - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYfixes #39789ISSUE TYPEFeature Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEmodule/package_factsANSIBLE VERSION2.6...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-14, 16:05
document lookup errors optoin - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYadded feature .. now document itISSUE TYPEDocs Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMElookupANSIBLE VERSION2.5...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-14, 16:05
document lookup errors optoin (#39645) - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYdocument lookup errors optoinchanged to docupdated as per feedback(cherry picked from commit 32c2aae)ISSUE TYPEDocs Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEANSIBLE VERSION2.5...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-15, 18:53
ensure 'home' translations (#36755) - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYensure 'home' translationsremoved slash as it created issues on diff plats(cherry picked from commit cc1c7c6)fixed bug introduced by orig commit, this should only affect single ~ path...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-07, 16:40
dont unique by file for certain plugins - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYtest and filter plugins can have multiple by file so we should not unique file loadingISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEplugin loaderANSIBLE VERSION2.4-2.6...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-07, 16:38
[WIP] fixed bad assumptions in _expand_remote_user - Ansible - [issue]
...GISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEaction pluginsANSIBLE VERSION2.3SUMMARYnow deals with empty stdout more gracefullysimplified logic, less code!...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-07, 16:36
rebase base playbook base - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYfixes issues with loop control allowing generic attributes it shouldn'tISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEcoreANSIBLE VERSION2.x...    Author: bcoca , 2019-05-07, 16:39