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mysql_db: use new exception handling, fixes build - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEmysql_dbANSIBLE VERSION2.2SUMMARYuse new exception handling, fixes build...    Author: resmo , 2016-08-10, 10:35
mysql_variables and mysql_user fixes - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEdatabase/mysql/mysql_user.pydatabase/mysql/mysql_variables.pyANSIBLE VERSION2.0SUMMARYmysql_variables: fix inconsistent params, fixes ubuntu 16.04 ...    Author: resmo , 2016-05-04, 17:23
[2.1] Change gem_source and executable to 'path' - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEgemANSIBLE VERSION2.1SUMMARYCherry-pick 1ac7382Both of them are file location, so they should bemarked as 'path'....    Author: resmo , 2016-04-28, 18:20
Add no_gateway_ip option to os_subnet module - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEFeature Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEos_subnet.pyANSIBLE VERSION2.2SUMMARYno_gateway_ip option can provide subnet that is not having a gateway.fixes #1880, rebased #3331, closes #3331...    Author: resmo , 2016-05-25, 06:42
apt: fix deb=file with --diff does not show diff on upgrades - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEaptANSIBLE VERSION2.1 >=SUMMARYWhile looking at #3752 in #3816, I found another issue when using deb=file.deb related to --diff. Package updates...    Author: resmo , 2016-06-01, 21:38
apt: fix KeyError for deb=file - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEpackaging/os/apt.pyANSIBLE VERSION2.1 >=SUMMARYFix KeyError: 'prepared' while installing dependencies using deb=.debThis error shows up when --d...    Author: resmo , 2016-06-01, 20:44
doc: add_host: add example without deprecated vars - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEDocs Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEadd_hostANSIBLE VERSIONdevelSUMMARYansible_ssh_* are deprecated since 2.0...    Author: resmo , 2016-10-21, 06:47
iam_cert: fix dup_ok arg is used as string - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEiam_certANSIBLE VERSION2.1SUMMARYBackport of 8879931 and #4940, fixes #4938...    Author: resmo , 2016-09-20, 15:36
iam_cert: remove choice list for dup_ok type bool - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEiam_certANSIBLE VERSION2.2SUMMARYFollow up of 8879931, fix for 2.1 in a separate PRAlso see #4938...    Author: resmo , 2016-09-20, 15:36
apt: fix changed when cache updated but not pkg - Ansible - [issue]
...ISSUE TYPEBugfix Pull RequestCOMPONENT NAMEaptANSIBLE VERSIONdevel, 2.2SUMMARYIn case update_cache=yes with pkg e.g. apt: pkg=nginx update_cache=yes don't report changed if pkg was not updat...    Author: resmo , 2016-12-11, 02:35