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[ARROW-3113] Merge tool can't specify JS fix version - Arrow - [issue]
...Specifying a JS-x.x.x fix version doesn't work anymore because of the fix for ARROW-2220....    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-09-23, 19:38
[ARROW-2772] [JS] Commit package-lock.json and/or yarn.lock - Arrow - [issue]
...We should commit one (or both) of these lockfiles to the repo to make the dependency tree explicit and consistent....    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-09-22, 15:37
[ARROW-1875] Write 64-bit ints as strings in integration test JSON files - Arrow - [issue]
...Javascript can't handle 64-bit integers natively, so writing them as strings in the JSON would make implementing the integration tests a lot simpler....    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-09-15, 14:24
[ARROW-951] [JS] Fix generated API documentation - Arrow - [issue]
...The current generated API documentation doesn't respect the project's namespaces, it simply lists all exported objects. We should see if we can make typedoc display the project's structure (...    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-09-11, 15:50
[ARROW-2412] [Integration] Add nested dictionary integration test - Arrow - [issue]
...Add nested dictionary generator to the integration test. The tests will probably fail at first but can serve as a starting point for developing this capability....    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-09-10, 17:28
Putting out a new JavaScript release? - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...Thanks for bringing this up Wes. My hope was to get out an 0.4.0 releasethat just includes the IPC writer and usability improvements relativelysoon, and push the refactor out to 0.5.0. Paul'...
   Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-09-10, 16:38
[ARROW-2789] [JS] Minor DataFrame improvements - Arrow - [issue]
...deprecate count() in favor of a readonly length member (implemented with a getter in FilterdDataFrame) Add an iterator to FilteredDataFrame...    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-09-10, 16:25
[ARROW-3073] [JS] Add DateVector.from - Arrow - [issue]
...It should be possible to construct a DateVector from a list of Date objects...    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-08-30, 20:11
[ARROW-2909] [JS] Add convenience function for creating a table from a list of vectors - Arrow - [issue]
...Similar to ARROW-2766, but requires users to first turn their arrays into vectors, so we don't have to deduce type....    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-08-30, 20:10
[ARROW-3074] [JS] Date.indexOf generates an error - Arrow - [issue]
... doesn't exist on Date...    Author: Brian Hulette , 2018-08-17, 15:34