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[ARROW-2705] [JS] CombinationPredicates should take list of predicates - Arrow - [issue]
...CombinationPredicate like And and Or only take two predicates: left and right. However, it often makes sense to combine more than two predicates. I suggest that `and` and `or` support arbitr...    Author: Dominik Moritz , 2018-08-23, 13:18
[ARROW-2687] [JS] Example usage in README is outdated - Arrow - [issue]
... uses unknown function col....    Author: Dominik Moritz , 2018-08-15, 20:46
[ARROW-2686] [JS] Add more documentation about loading a local Arrow IPC in Node - Arrow - [issue]
...I'm trying to create load an arrow file in IPC format. First, I load the libraryimport { Table } from "@apache-arrow/es2015-esm";Then, I fetch the file and convert it to the buffer (it ...    Author: Dominik Moritz , 2018-08-13, 14:37
[ARROW-2698] [Python] Exception when passing a string to Table.column - Arrow - [issue]
... says that I can select a column by name. However, I get an error `TypeError: an integer is required`. &...    Author: Dominik Moritz , 2018-06-29, 12:14
[ARROW-2689] [Python] Remove references to timestamps_to_ms argument from documentation - Arrow - [issue]
...timestamps_to_ms is documented in but does not exist in    Author: Dominik Moritz , 2018-06-12, 04:28
[ARROW-2684] [Python] Various documentation improvements - Arrow - [issue]
...The python documentation is currently not beginner friendly and things like the IPC format are not discoverable. For example, has the word "IPC"...    Author: Dominik Moritz , 2018-06-11, 19:55
[ARROW-2688] [JS] Create Documentation - Arrow - [issue]
... currently only has a handful of examples but no API documentation....    Author: Dominik Moritz , 2018-06-11, 19:41