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[ARROW-2646] [C++/Python] Pandas roundtrip for date objects - Arrow - [issue]
...Arrow currently casts date objects to nanosecond precision datetime objects. I'd like to have a way to preserve the type during a roundtrip>>> import pandas as pd>>> import...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-09-13, 21:16
[ARROW-3176] [Python] Overflow in Date32 column conversion to pandas - Arrow - [issue]
...When converting an arrow column holding a Date32Array to pandas there seems to be an overflow at the date 2262-04-12 such that the type and value are wrong. The issue only occurs for columns...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-09-05, 14:19
[ARROW-2443] [Python] Conversion from pandas of empty categorical fails with ArrowInvalid - Arrow - [issue]
...The conversion of an empty pandas categorical raises an exception. Before version `0.9.0` this was possibleimport pandas as pdimport pyarrow as papa.Table.from_pandas(pd.DataFrame({'cat': pd...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-07-27, 15:25
[ARROW-2856] [Python/C++] Array constructor should not truncate floats when casting to int - Arrow - [issue]
...I would expect the following code to raise instead of truncating the floatIn [4]: pa.array([1.9], type=pa.int8())Out[4]:<pyarrow.lib.Int8Array object at 0x113455e58>[  1]...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-07-27, 15:22
[ARROW-2694] [Python] ArrayValue string conversion returns the representation instead of the converted python object string - Arrow - [issue]
...Example:# python 3.6.5In [1]: import pyarrow as paIn [2]: str(pa.array(['a'])[0])  # note the single quotesOut[2]: "'a'"In [3]: str(pa.array([1], pa.timestamp('s'))[0])Out[3]: "Timestam...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-07-27, 15:03
[ARROW-2714] [C++/Python] Variable step size slicing for arrays - Arrow - [issue]
...Array slicing should support variable step sizesThe current behavior raises an IndexError, e.g.In [8]: import pyarrow as paIn [9]: pa.array([1, 2, 3])[::-1]----------------------------------...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-06-21, 09:56
[ARROW-2719] [Python/C++] ArrowSchema not hashable - Arrow - [issue]
...The arrow schema is immutable and should provide a way of hashing itself. ...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-06-18, 09:16
[ARROW-2603] [Python] from pandas raises ArrowInvalid for date(time) subclasses - Arrow - [issue]
...When converting a pandas dataframe holding subclasses of date/datetime objects, arrow raises an ArrowInvalid exceptionimport pandas as pdimport pyarrow as paimport datetimeclassMyDate(dateti...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-06-04, 04:00
[ARROW-2510] [Python] Segmentation fault when converting empty column as categorical - Arrow - [issue]
...When converting an empty column to categorical in pandas I get a segmentation fault...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-05-02, 07:50
[ARROW-2240] [Python] Array initialization with leading numpy nan fails with exception - Arrow - [issue]
... Arrow initialization fails for string arrays with leading numpy NANimport pyarrow as paimport numpy as nppa.array([np.nan, 'str'])# Py3: ArrowException: Unknown error: must be real number, ...    Author: Florian Jetter , 2018-03-12, 18:09