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[ARROW-3183] [Python] get_library_dirs on Windows can give the wrong directory - Arrow - [issue]
...Python Version: Anaconda 3.6 PyArrow Version: 0.9.0 and 0.10.0 Installed by: condaThe function pa.get_library_dirs() points to the wrong directoryimport pyarrow as pa print(pa...    Author: Victor Uriarte , 2018-09-17, 17:55
[ARROW-2046] [Python] Add support for PEP519 - pathlib and similar objects - Arrow - [issue]
...Currently `pyarrow` doesn't seem to support reading from `pathlib.Path` or similar objects. PEP519 introduced `_fspath_` which could be used to transform any `Path` like object to a string.P...    Author: Victor Uriarte , 2018-02-28, 19:49
[ARROW-1992] [Python] to_pandas crashes when using strings_to_categoricals on empty string cols on 0.8.0 - Arrow - [issue]
...When trying to read back a table, Python crashes when pyarrow is used to read/convert a table that has a column of 0 length `strings and strings_to_categorical=True`. Example code below.This...    Author: Victor Uriarte , 2018-01-28, 16:34