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[expand - 1 more] - Atlas and Kafka: Authorization Failed - Atlas - [mail # user]
...AFAIK, Kafka requires Kerberos to authenticate producers and consumers. If Kafka is not kerberized, ANONYMOUS will be the username seen by Kafka server – see the following from https://docs....
   Author: Madhan Neethiraj , Bernardo Andrade Bessa de... , ... , 2018-10-22, 20:03
[ATLAS-2930] UI changes to handle error message based on softReference attribute. - Atlas - [issue]    Author: Abhishek Kadam , 2018-10-22, 18:53
[ATLAS-2931] AtlasStructDef: isSoftReferenced Appears in JSON - Atlas - [issue]
...The isSoftReferenced public method should be ignored. The new options has the key-value pair that denotes the value.The method should be ignored by JSON....    Author: Ashutosh Mestry , 2018-10-22, 18:44
[ATLAS-2926] ZipSink: Very Large Entities Cause Out Of Memory Exception - Atlas - [issue]
...Steps to Duplicate Setup Atlas with very large data. Atlas one entity should be about 300 MB in size. Perform export with parameters that will include the large entity.Following error will b...    Author: Ashutosh Mestry , 2018-10-22, 16:19
[ATLAS-2890] Fix intermittent UT and IT failures for atlas in apache CI - Atlas - [issue]
...We see intermittent test failures in Jira addresses fixes for these intermittent failures in branch-0.8, branch-1.0 and master...    Author: Sarath Subramanian , 2018-10-22, 15:41
[ATLAS-2918] Update JanusGraph version to 0.3.1 - Atlas - [issue]
...Janusgraph community has released their latest version: JIRA will update janus version to 0.3.1 in atlas source. ...    Author: Sarath Subramanian , 2018-10-22, 15:41
[ATLAS-2920] Update JanusGraph Solr clients to use all zookeeper entries - Atlas - [issue]
...Update JanusGraph Solr clients to use all zookeeper entries...    Author: Sarath Subramanian , 2018-10-22, 15:41
[expand - 7 more] - [VOTE] Release Apache Atlas v 0.8.3 - RC0 - Atlas - [mail # dev]
...+ 1 from my sideVerified the UI functionalitiesOn Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 12:31 AM Sharmadha Sainath wrote:> +1 for the release>>> 1.Verified the existing export & import functional...
   Author: Keval Bhatt , Nixon Rodrigues , ... , 2018-10-22, 11:53
[ATLAS-2927] Update lineage query for Process entities - Atlas - [issue]
...Currently lineage query for process entities generates lineage based on the number of hops on process entities. Lineage should be generated based on the hops on DataSet entities....    Author: Sarath Subramanian , 2018-10-22, 05:24
[ATLAS-2928] Namespace entity relationship-attribute names to avoid conflict with entity attributes - Atlas - [issue]
...Apache Atlas 1.0 introduced relationships as first-class types. A relationship effectively 'injects' an attribute on the entities at each end. For example, assignment of a glossary term to a...    Author: Madhan Neethiraj , 2018-10-21, 21:46