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Draft board report for Apache Atlas: September 2018 - Atlas - [mail # dev]
...+1 for the report. Thanks for putting this together. On 9/13/18, 12:46 AM, "Ayub Khan Pathan"  wrote:    Madhan,        You might want to consider adding ...
   Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-09-13, 15:53
[ATLAS-2827] Unable to persist vertex when indexed string attribute is really long - Atlas - [issue]
...Titan/Janus  creates an inverted index key which exceeds the row length restriction imposed by HBase hence the vertex fails to persist with backend exception. Solution:In the entity graph ma...    Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-09-07, 07:56
[ATLAS-2746] [Glossary] Simple Term/Category creation should work with CREATE privilege - Atlas - [issue]
...Currently this operation needs following privileges Entity.READ, Entity.CREATE, Entity.UPDATE with the change simple term/category creation without any other relations e.g. children, parent,...    Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-08-31, 13:22
[ATLAS-2786] [Atlas HA] Zookeeper connection issue - Atlas - [issue]
...The curator client right now only connects to the very first zookeeper server regardless of the number of zookeeper servers provided in the configuration. Due to this behavior if the ZK (tha...    Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-08-31, 13:05
[ATLAS-2817] Update to JanusGraph 0.3.x - Atlas - [issue]
...There are couple of index related improvements in this version which helps resolve the slowness in few of our DSL queries. This upgrade would speed up DSL execution....    Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-08-31, 12:40
[ATLAS-2848] Fix property name in ApplicationProperties class - Atlas - [issue]
... atlas.graph.cache.tx-cache.size is wrong, change to atlas.graph.cache.tx-cache-sizecourtesy: zhaxiaodong9860 (pull request #8) ...    Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-08-29, 20:06
Hello, When i install the atlas with solr5 cloud. I met the problem, Please help - Atlas - [mail # dev]
...What errors are you seeing on the server side ? Is atlas not able to start ? Or search results are inconsistent ? It'd be helpful if you could share the application.log file.On 8/27/18, 1:2...
   Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-08-27, 20:24
Error: Mandatory attribute value missing in type Referenceable - Atlas - [mail # user]
...Like the message states, you'll have to set the "qualifiedName" attribute for the storm AtlasEntity. Please refer to the storm model JSON to ensure that you pass all the required  attri...
   Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-08-22, 16:13
Pre-installed models - Atlas - [mail # dev]
...If you remove all folders except the one named *base model* then Atlas will not load the other types.HTHOn 8/21/18, 8:09 PM, "Allen Cheng"  wrote:    Hi,  Atlas experts&...
   Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-08-22, 03:12
Queries regarding the type system - Atlas - [mail # user]
...1. Model file based type creation ensures that the models are available as soon as Atlas starts up and is ready.2. RelationshipDefs in Atlas are used to define relation between the types, eg...
   Author: Apoorv Naik , 2018-08-15, 18:29