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[ATLAS-520] Temporal / Versioning support for Atlas metadata - Atlas - [issue]
...With Atlas storing metadata & lineage data , from a governance perspective we would like to ask questons such as what different data sources were used to produce this report last year co...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-08-23, 14:32
[ATLAS-1691] OMAS Interfaces for Atlas - Atlas - [issue]
...The Open Metadata Access Services (OMAS) provide consumer specific interfaces to the metadata repository.   The hope is to have a community of vendor tools developing around each OMAS interf...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-07-20, 19:59
[ATLAS-2012] Docker - image & hub - for Atlas - Atlas - [issue]
...Docker is increasingly become a standard way of easily running components in a flexible manner, whether for development, production, or testI feel there are a few things we can do with docke...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-07-20, 12:11
[ATLAS-1696] Governance Engine OMAS - Atlas - [issue]
...Governance Engine OMAS is one of multiple consumer-centric based interfaces that will be added to Apache Atlas, & provides the API (REST and messaging) to support policy enforcement fram...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-07-11, 11:35
[ATLAS-1694] Sample assets to support Virtual Connector Project - Atlas - [issue]
...Assets to support the virtual data connector project as samplesfor example sample data sample rules/policies/classifications tools integration for GaianDB (open source virtualization engine)...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-07-11, 11:34
[ATLAS-2593] Governance Engine OMAS - skeleton based on new omrs/omas patterns/ & framework - Atlas - [issue]    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-07-11, 11:32
[ATLAS-944] Build failure: GraphBackedMetadataRepositoryTest.testFullTextSearch:528 expected: - Atlas - [issue]
...Build of Atlas fails[INFO] Apache Atlas Repository ............................ FAILURE [13:40 min]Cause:Results :Failed tests:  GraphBackedMetadataRepositoryTest.testFu...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-05-17, 23:00
[ATLAS-1211] Classifications : Support subclasifications & ordering - Atlas - [issue]
...Governance classifications may be ordered and contain sub-classifications.For example a classification "confidentiality" may contain an ordered set of values such as unclassified internal us...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-05-17, 15:57
[ATLAS-1849] Atlas should prereq Java 8 - Atlas - [issue]
...Atlas should move to assume Java 8 in order to remain currentJava 7's last official release was in April 2015Java 8 was released in March 2014 and is the current releaseJava 9 is currently t...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-05-17, 15:22
[ATLAS-1662] New governance action API to support Ranger tags from v2 glossary - Atlas - [issue]
...Today Ranger obtains classification ("tags") from atlas via a tagsync process which looks at interesting types going through entities of those types pulling traits/trait instances to get tag...    Author: Nigel Jones , 2018-05-17, 05:51