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[AURORA-1939] Thermos landing (host) page reports incorrect CPU rates when it is busy - Aurora - [issue]
...Thermos Observer uses `psutil` to monitor resource consumption of Thermos Processes. On a busy machine, I have noticed negative CPU values when visiting the Thermos landing page.In my test I...    Author: Reza Motamedi , 2017-11-08, 04:40
[AURORA-1837] Improve implicit task history pruning - Aurora - [issue]
...Current implementation of TaskHistoryPrunner registers all inactive tasks upon terminal state change for pruning. TaskHistoryPrunner::registerInactiveTask() uses a delay executor to schedule...    Author: Reza Motamedi , 2017-08-04, 12:47
[AURORA-1941] Cause container restart when a process is killed with a signal. - Aurora - [issue]
...Say you have the following task config. Note all processes have max_failure = 1.{    "processes": [        {            "daemon": ...    Author: Reza Motamedi , 2017-07-06, 23:56
[AURORA-1836] Intercept MyBatis calls - Aurora - [issue]
...We are collecting (and planning to collect more) various stats to gain insight and improve the performance of the scheduler.    MyBatis allows us to intercept calls within the exec...    Author: Reza Motamedi , 2017-02-01, 07:54
[AURORA-1827] Fix SLA percentile calculation - Aurora - [issue]
...The calculation of mttX (median-time-to-X) depends on the computation of percentile values. The current implementation does not behave nicely with a small sample size. For instance, for a gi...    Author: Reza Motamedi , 2016-11-27, 22:17