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[BAHIR-241] upgrade flink to 1.11.1 - Bahir - [issue]    Author: João Boto , 2020-09-22, 07:47
[BAHIR-246] Kudu Flink Table API&SQL connector support DynamicTableSource&DynamicTableSink - Bahir - [issue]
...In flink 1.11 version, community refactor table api & SQL connector which propose new DynamicTableSource & DynamicTableSink interface, it more suitable for flink dynamic table concep...    Author: dalongliu , 2020-09-14, 15:35
[BAHIR-243] KuduTestHarness not working on focal (ubuntu 20) - Bahir - [issue]
...KuduTestHarness not work on all distributions as it must be released by kudu team. We could change this to use testcontainers and not be restricted on wich linux distribution we have...    Author: João Boto , 2020-09-12, 21:52
[BAHIR-245] Add asf.yml - Bahir - [issue]
...this is to add asf.yml, more info here current info is this with this we could also remove de merge option on PR ...    Author: João Boto , 2020-09-05, 03:23
[BAHIR-244] Update travis dist to bionic - Bahir - [issue]    Author: João Boto , 2020-08-27, 19:40
[BAHIR-242] Support for more params and flexibilities in spark | google pubsub - Bahir - [issue]
...Hi All,I am using google pub-sub along with spark stream.Following is my requirement : 1. There are multiple publishers who pushes the message and i can expect the topic to recieve 7k - 10k ...    Author: ShivaKumar SS , 2020-08-10, 17:01
[BAHIR-228] Flink SQL supports kudu sink - Bahir - [issue]
...currently, for Flink-1.10.0, we can use the catalog to store our stream table sink for kudu, it should exist a kudu table sink so we can register it to catalog, and use kudu as a table in SQ...    Author: dalongliu , 2020-07-28, 18:45
[BAHIR-225] flink-connector-redis Jedis connect to Redis cluster throws NumberFormatException For input string 112@112 - Bahir - [issue]
...There is a bug in Jedis connecting to Redis cluster when using flink-redis-connector.  The maven 1.1.0~1.1.5 [jar](    Author: sam lin , 2020-07-28, 16:43
[BAHIR-240] replace docker tests by testcontainer - Bahir - [issue]    Author: João Boto , 2020-07-28, 15:44
[BAHIR-233] Add SNS message support for SQS structured streaming connector - Bahir - [issue]
...Motivation Current implementation of SQS streaming connector handles the following "route" of the s3 notification event: 1. S3 -> SQS -> Spark This approach works just fine until you n...    Author: Dmitry Gorbatsevich , 2020-07-22, 09:49