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[BAHIR-121] Review details in sql-cloudant README relating to RDD persistence - Bahir - [issue]
...We have one customer that needs to load a Cloudant database of ~15 GB into Spark.  As we may get more customers loading similar or larger databases, we'll need to add any details or tip...    Author: Esteban Laver , 2017-07-07, 15:55
[BAHIR-123] Fix errors to support the latest version of Play JSON library for sql-cloudant - Bahir - [issue]
...The latest version is 2.6.2.  Error during mvn install -pl sql-cloudant after updating play-json to 2.6.2 in sql-cloudant/pom.xml:[ERROR] /Users/estebanmlaver/emlaver-bahir/sql-...    Author: Esteban Laver , 2017-12-08, 02:35
[BAHIR-128] Test failing sporadically in sql-cloudant's CloudantChangesDFSuite - Bahir - [issue]
...This failure happened during pre-release testing for Bahir RC 2.2.0:CloudantChangesDFSuite: load and save data from Cloudant database *** FAILED ***  0 did not equal 1967 (CloudantChang...    Author: Esteban Laver , 2017-12-21, 00:32
[BAHIR-137] Load performance improvements for _changes API in sql-cloudant - Bahir - [issue]
...Items for improving _changes feed load: Make Spark streaming batch interval visible to the user for tuning based on type/size of document and number of docs in database Merge BAHIR-128: Impr...    Author: Esteban Laver , 2018-01-25, 01:24
[BAHIR-138] Fix sql-cloudant deprecation messages - Bahir - [issue]
...Deprecation warnings in DefaultSource:[INFO] --- scala-maven-plugin:3.2.2:compile (scala-compile-first) @ spark-sql-cloudant_2.11 ---[INFO] Compiling 11 Scala sources to sql-cloudant/target/...    Author: Esteban Laver , 2018-01-25, 04:48
[BAHIR-140] Scala and python DSX notebook examples for sql-cloudant - Bahir - [issue]    Author: Esteban Laver , 2017-10-13, 13:22
[BAHIR-154] Refactor sql-cloudant to use Cloudant's java-cloudant features - Bahir - [issue]
...Cloudant's java-cloudant library (which is currently used for testing) contains several features that sql-cloudant can benefit from: HTTP 429 backoff View builder API to potentially simplify...    Author: Esteban Laver , 2018-01-26, 15:44
[BAHIR-108] Add Python and Scala tests to SparkSQL for CouchDB/Cloudant - Bahir - [issue]    Author: Esteban Laver , 2017-09-26, 18:15
[BAHIR-109] Update sql-cloudant documentation - Bahir - [issue]    Author: Esteban Laver , 2017-04-11, 17:29
[BAHIR-110] Implement _changes API for non-streaming receiver - Bahir - [issue]
...Today we use the _changes API for Spark streaming receiver and _all_docs API for non-streaming receiver. _all_docs API supports parallel reads (using offset and range) but performance of _ch...    Author: Esteban Laver , 2017-07-26, 17:25