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[BAHIR-1] Import deleted Apache Spark Streaming connectors - Bahir - [issue]
...The following streaming connectors were deleted from Spark 2.0 code stream at revision 8301fadd8 :Streaming connector for AkkaStreaming connector for MQTTStreaming connector for TwitterStrea...    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-06-10, 15:25
[BAHIR-2] Create initial build for Bahir components - Bahir - [issue]
...After importing the deleted spark components, we need to create the initial components build....    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-06-10, 15:26
[BAHIR-3] Create initial version of Bahir website - Bahir - [issue]
...Create a basic website content for Apache Bahir based on    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-05-30, 20:44
[BAHIR-4] Document general contribution guidelines for Bahir Project - Bahir - [issue]
...Document general contribution guidelines...    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-05-31, 07:25
[BAHIR-5] Document guidelines for proposing new extensions for Bahir Project - Bahir - [issue]
...Document the guidelines for contributing new extensions, as well as describe the life cycle of an extension (e.g. what happens if it becomes stale, etc)...    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-06-10, 15:34
[BAHIR-6] Document how to publish website - Bahir - [issue]    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-05-31, 22:06
[BAHIR-7] Create website build script - Bahir - [issue]    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-05-31, 06:39
[BAHIR-8] Investigate weather we can use org.apache.bahir packages on Apache Spark extensions - Bahir - [issue]
...Experiment if we can move the current extensions to org.apache.bahir package. We might see issues related to the private[spark], etc restriction that scala imposes....    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-11-18, 11:22
[BAHIR-9] Create Apache Spark Streaming Connector for Kafka 0.10+ - Bahir - [issue]
...Create a Streaming connector that supports latest release of Kafka and start providing some of the newly available security features from Kafka...    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-07-12, 23:14
[BAHIR-10] Create new sql data source for Object Store/Swift - Bahir - [issue]
...Create a sql connector for object store/swift...    Author: Luciano Resende , 2016-06-16, 12:37