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[BAHIR-170] Please use HTTPS for sigs and hashes - Bahir - [issue]
...The download page is generally fine.However the links to the sigs (PGP) and hashes currently use http; they should use https.Please fix this ASAP...    Author: Sebb , 2018-06-28, 11:57
[BAHIR-171] Download page should not link to unreleased code - Bahir - [issue]
...The download pages currently link to the git code repository.Whilst the instructions show how to check out a particular tag, this also gives access to the rest of the repo, i.e. to non-relea...    Author: Sebb , 2018-06-28, 13:01
[BAHIR-184] Please delete old releases from mirroring system - Bahir - [issue]
...To reduce the load on the volunteer 3rd party mirrors, projects must remove non-current releases from the mirroring system.The following releases appear to be obsolete, as they do not appear...    Author: Sebb , 2019-02-11, 04:18
[BAHIR-185] Broken link on download page - Bahir - [issue]
...The download page [1] links to release notes at does not exist.[1]    Author: Sebb , 2018-12-05, 12:48