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[BEAM-9295] Add Flink 1.10 build target and Make FlinkRunner compatible with Flink 1.10 - Beam - [issue]
...Apache Flink 1.10 has completed the final release vote, see [1]. So, I would like to add Flink 1.10 build target and make Flink Runner compatible with Flink 1.10.And I appreciate it ...    Author: sunjincheng , 2020-02-26, 05:41
[BEAM-7336] KafkaIO should support inferring schemas when reading Avro - Beam - [issue]
...PubSubIO already supports this.It would also be nice to be able to look up Avro schemas in the Kafka schema registry....    Author: Reuven Lax , 2020-02-26, 05:24
[BEAM-9329] Support request of schemas by version on KafkaIO + Confluent Schema Registry - Beam - [issue]
...BEAM-7310 introduced support to get Avro Schemas from Confluent Schema Registry as part of KafkaIO. By default it always takes the latest (most recent) version of the Schema. It would be nic...    Author: Ismaël Mejía , 2020-02-26, 05:01
[BEAM-8989] Backwards incompatible change in ParDo.getSideInputs (caught by failure when running Apache Nemo quickstart) - Beam - [issue]
...PR/9275 changed ParDo.getSideInputs from List<PCollectionView> to Map<String, PCollectionView> which is backwards incompatible change and was released as part of Beam 2.16.0 erro...    Author: Luke Cwik , 2020-02-26, 04:33
[BEAM-9252] Problem shading Beam pipeline with Beam 2.20.0-SNAPSHOT - Beam - [issue]
...I was checking today a pipeline against the latest 2.20.0-SNAPSHOT and I found that it works perfectly with version 2.19.0, but it is failing with a  shade related exception that refers to g...    Author: Ismaël Mejía , 2020-02-26, 04:32
[BEAM-8335] Add streaming support to Interactive Beam - Beam - [issue]
...This issue tracks the work items to introduce streaming support to the Interactive Beam experience. This will allow users to: Write and run a streaming job in IPython Automatically cache rec...    Author: Sam Rohde , 2020-02-26, 04:22
[BEAM-8971] BigQueryIO.Write sometimes throws errors - Beam - [issue]
...The following error happens from time to time. After that beam retries an entire batch and that gets processed fine. There are 2 concerns: that may produce duplicates (however, I am not sure...    Author: Pavlo Pohrrebnyi , 2020-02-26, 03:47
[BEAM-2822] Add support for progress reporting in fn API - Beam - [issue]
... that the ULR reference implementation, when ready, should be useful for every runner....    Author: Vikas Kedigehalli , 2020-02-26, 03:40
[BEAM-9322] Python SDK ignores manually set PCollection tags - Beam - [issue]
...The Python SDK currently ignores any tags set on PCollections manually when applying PTransforms when adding the PCollection to the PTransform outputs. In the add_output method, the tag is s...    Author: Sam Rohde , 2020-02-26, 03:22
[BEAM-7304] Twister2 Beam runner - Beam - [issue]
...Twister2 is a big data framework which supports both batch and stream processing [1] [2]. The goal is to develop an beam runner for Twister2. [1]    Author: Pulasthi Wickramasinghe , 2020-02-26, 03:15