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[BEAM-5176] FailOnWarnings behave differently between CLI and Intellij build - Beam - [issue]
... In command line the build passes but fails on the IDE because of warnings. To make it pass I had to put false in failOnWarnings in ApplyJavaNature...    Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-10-16, 22:09
[BEAM-4553] Implement a Graphite sink for the metrics pusher - Beam - [issue]
...Today only a REST Http sink that sends raw json metrics using POST request to a http server is available. It is more a POC sink. It would be good to code the first real metrics sink. Some of...    Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-10-16, 16:27
[DISCUSS] Gradle for the build ? - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Hi all,I must admit that I  agree on the status especially regarding 2 points:1. new contributors obstacles: gradle learning curve might be too long for spare-time contributors, also co...
   Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-10-10, 08:31
[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Beam chair: Kenneth Knowles - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Congrats Kenn !Le mardi 25 septembre 2018 à 10:58 -0700, Kenneth Knowles a écrit :> Thanks all for the encouragement & thanks Davor for years of service and mentoring. Looking forward to ...
   Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-10-05, 12:51
[expand - 2 more] - Metrics Pusher support on Dataflow - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Well if we add the code in DataflowPipelineJob, then it would issue REST calls to the engine no ? And also, it will befar from the actual execution engine. Was is not what we wanted to avoid...
   Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-10-04, 12:28
[PROPOSAL] allow the users to anticipate the support of features in the targeted runner. - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Hi guys,As part of our user experience improvement to attract new Beam users, I would like to suggest something:Today we only have the capability matrix to inform users about features suppor...
   Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-10-04, 09:43
[apachecon 2018] Universal metrics with apache beam - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Hi everyone,At the Apachecon 2018 on Sept 26th, I did a talk on "universal metrics with apache beam". This talk describes themetrics system in Beam, its integration with the runners and how ...
   Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-10-03, 15:08
[expand - 5 more] - [portablility] metrics interrogations - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Hi,Ben, thanks for clarifying. It was indeed a terminology misunderstandingLe mercredi 12 septembre 2018 à 15:10 -0700, Ben Chambers a écrit :> I think there is a confusion of terminology...
   Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-09-13, 08:06
[expand - 3 more] - [PROPOSAL] Test performance of basic Apache Beam operations - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Let me elaborate a bit my last sentenceLe mardi 11 septembre 2018 à 11:29 +0200, Etienne Chauchot a écrit :> Hi Lukasz,> > Well, having low level byte[] based pure performance tests...
   Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-09-12, 12:23
[Discuss] Upgrade story for Beam's execution engines - Beam - [mail # dev]
...Hi Max,I totally agree with your points especially the users priorities (stick to the already working version) , and the needto leverage important new features.  It is indeed a difficul...
   Author: Etienne Chauchot , 2018-09-12, 12:10