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Adjusted avaliable executors in jenkins - Bigtop - [mail # dev]
...Hi, folks,To build 1.3 release binaries I adjusted # of executors in jenkins buildnode, as used to observe memory exhaust log when building packages.Will restore them after v1.3 binaries are...
   Author: Jun HE , 2018-09-20, 01:38
Why there is no do-component-build and for bigtop-utils? - Bigtop - [mail # dev]
...Hi, Dagang,My understanding is that bigtop_utils provides "helper" tools by script,say bigtop-detect-javahome. That's why there is no need to build them andinstall them.See:
   Author: Jun HE , 2018-09-20, 00:59
[BIGTOP-3082] Fix build failure with flume-1.8+kafka- - Bigtop - [issue]
...When upgrading flume to 1.8 and kafka to, the build of flume is failed due to API changes and scala upgrade in kafka.Patches need to fix this....    Author: Jun He , 2018-09-19, 23:46
[BIGTOP-3081] Update HBase/Ignite-hadoop arch info - Bigtop - [issue]
...Both HBase and ignite-hadoop introduce arch dependency during build.    Author: Jun He , 2018-09-19, 23:23
[BIGTOP-3079] Flume-1.7 doesn't work with Kafka - Bigtop - [issue]
...Building Flume-1.7 with kafka failed with following outputs:[INFO] --------< org.apache.flume.flume-ng-sources:flume-kafka-source >--------[INFO] Building Flume Kafka Source 1...    Author: Jun He , 2018-09-19, 17:57
[BIGTOP-3075] Drop pig packaging - Bigtop - [issue]
...Drop pig packaging as it doesn't work with Hive-2.0+. See BIGTOP-2975....    Author: Jun He , 2018-09-18, 20:53
[BIGTOP-3074] Drop oozie packaging - Bigtop - [issue]
...Drop oozie as it doesn't work with Hive-2.0+. See BIGTOP-2986...    Author: Jun He , 2018-09-17, 16:26
[expand - 4 more] - [DISCUSS] Bigtop 1.3.0 release - Bigtop - [mail # dev]
...Thanks for checking in, Evans.So far all components are built successfully on 5 distros+3 archs. You maycheck the CI here: two JIRAs n...
   Author: Jun HE , 2018-09-17, 05:05
[BIGTOP-3077] OpenSuse-42.3 packages install error - Bigtop - [issue]
...OpenSuse toolchain image will install libapr1-1.4.6 using repo: repo only provides x86_64 binaries. So for non-x86 platforms ...    Author: Jun He , 2018-09-13, 05:41
[BIGTOP-3063] [Umbrella] Efforts for 1.3.0 release - Bigtop - [issue]
...This is an umbrella ticket to manage all related 1.3 release efforts....    Author: Jun He , 2018-09-12, 06:55