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[CALCITE-1188] NullPointerException in EXTRACT with WHERE ... IN clause if field has null value - Calcite - [issue]
...if there was a timestamp or date field F1, the queries below will throw nullpointer exception if F1 has null valueselect extract(year from F1) from T where extract(year from F1) in (2004, 20...    Author: Wei Hu , 2018-03-17, 17:43
[CALCITE-1075] UDF Error of Calcite 1.6 - Calcite - [issue]
...UDF Error In Calcite 1.6, may be Regression bugs?schema:Table:hr,  A String, B String, C String, D TimestampUDF: DATE_TRUNC(Timestamp D, String X) returns a timestamp valuethere a sever...    Author: Wei Hu , 2016-02-26, 22:10
[CALCITE-986] User-defined function with Date or Timestamp parameters - Calcite - [issue]
...the field type is date  and I want to realize the MY_FUNC(date)I use JavaTypeFactory.createSqlType to define the columnsSQL : select MY_FUNC(date)  from table;if I set my function'...    Author: Wei Hu , 2016-01-21, 22:20