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[CASSANDRA-14791] [utest] tests unable to write system tmp directory - Cassandra - [issue]
...Some tests are failing from time to time because it cannot write to directory /tmp/:    Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-10-08, 15:52
[expand - 1 more] - Recommended circleci settings for DTest - Cassandra - [mail # dev]
...Great, thanks Ariel. I assume it also works for uTest, right? Do you thinkit worth updating the doc for that
   Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-09-28, 23:10
[CASSANDRA-12704] snapshot build never be able to publish to mvn artifactory - Cassandra - [issue]
...$ ant publishworks fine when property "release" is set, which publishes the binaries to release Artifactory.But for daily snapshot build, if "release" is set, it won't be snapshot build:http...    Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-09-28, 01:21
QA signup - Cassandra - [mail # dev]
...+1 for publishing official snapshot artifacts for 4.0 and even otherbranches.We're publishing snapshot artifacts to our internal artifactory. One minorbug we found is: currently build.xml wo...
   Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-09-26, 22:18
[CASSANDRA-13508] Make system.paxos table compaction strategy configurable - Cassandra - [issue]
...The default compaction strategy for system.paxos table is LCS for performance reason: CASSANDRA-7753. But for CAS heavily used cluster, the system is busy with system.paxos compaction.As the...    Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-09-24, 14:57
Using CDC Feature to Stream C* to Kafka (Design Proposal) - Cassandra - [mail # user]
...We have the similar use case:  Streamific, the Ingestion Service for HadoopBig Data at Uber Engineering . We hadthis data ingestion pipeline built on MySQL/schemaless before using ...
   Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-09-12, 17:08
[CASSANDRA-14497] Add Role login cache - Cassandra - [issue]
...The ClientState.login() function is used for all auth message: But the role.canLogin information is not cached. So it hits the database every time: CassandraRoleManager...    Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-09-01, 20:18
NGCC 2018? - Cassandra - [mail # dev]
...Are we going to have a dev event next month? Or anything this year? We mayalso be able to provide space in bay area and help to organize it. (Pleaselet us know, so we could get final approva...
   Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-08-31, 14:42
[Discuss] Accept GoCQL driver donation - Cassandra - [mail # dev]
...That's great. Could that be in the same repo as Cassandra or aseparate repo?On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 7:14 AM Nate McCall  wrote:> Hi folks,> So I was recently talking with, Chris B...
   Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-08-31, 14:34
[CASSANDRA-14551] ReplicationAwareTokenAllocator should block bootstrap if no replication number is set - Cassandra - [issue]
...We're using ReplicationAwareTokenAllocator. When bootstrapping a new DC, the tokens are not well distributed. The problem is because the replication number is not set for the new DC before t...    Author: Jay Zhuang , 2018-08-30, 21:50