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[CASSANDRA-14707] Building deb packages fails on trunk - Cassandra - [issue]
...Looks like there were some changes to either conf/ and/or bin/cassandra that's screwing up the 002cassandra_logdir_fix patch.  I think it's the result of CASSANDRA-9608....    Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-09-09, 17:35
[CASSANDRA-11147] support alter table add if not exists - Cassandra - [issue]
...Keeping database schema up to date is a pain when needing to check if column definitions are already set.  Since we already have if not exists for create table & keyspace, I think i...    Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-09-08, 15:47
[CASSANDRA-13010] nodetool compactionstats should say which disk a compaction is writing to - Cassandra - [issue]    Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-08-02, 19:43
[CASSANDRA-14319] nodetool rebuild from DC lets you pass invalid datacenters - Cassandra - [issue]
...If you pass an invalid datacenter to nodetool rebuild, you'll get an error like this:Unable to find sufficient sources for streaming range (3074457345618258602,-9223372036854775808] in keysp...    Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-07-28, 01:37
[CASSANDRA-13960] update cassandra.yaml links to point to new docs instead of the wiki - Cassandra - [issue]
...The wiki is dead, let's clean up the links and be sure we have the right into on NOTE:#   See for#   fu...    Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-05-14, 00:52
[CASSANDRA-13889] cfstats should take sorting and limit parameters - Cassandra - [issue]
...When looking at a problematic node I'm not familiar with, one of the first things I do is check cfstats to identify the tables with the most reads, writes, and data.  This is fine as lo...    Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-05-01, 04:43
[CASSANDRA-14342] Refactor getColumnFamilyStore() to getTable() - Cassandra - [issue]    Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-04-24, 16:11
Roadmap for 4.0 - Cassandra - [mail # dev]
...Sept works for me too.  I’ll be involved in the validation process before the cutoff date.  > On Apr 12, 2018, at 3:17 PM, Carlos Rolo  wrote:> > I will commit time t...
   Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-04-12, 22:27
[CASSANDRA-13853] nodetool describecluster should be more informative - Cassandra - [issue]
...Additional information we should be displaying: Total node count List of datacenters, RF, with number of nodes per dc, how many are down, Version(s)...    Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-04-12, 21:01
JVM Tuning post - Cassandra - [mail # user]
...Hey folks,We (The Last Pickle) have helped a lot of teams with JVM tuning over the years, finally managed to write some stuff down.  We’re hoping the community finds it helpful. http://...
   Author: Jon Haddad , 2018-04-11, 15:00