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[CB-12732] Remove use of reflection from statusbar plugin - Cordova - [issue]
...Per the discussion in the PR for CB-10879, Simon MacDonald mentioned we should chalk up removing reflection from the statusbar plugin.So here's the issue...    Author: Filip Maj , 2020-06-25, 13:10
[CB-13143] Integrate cordova-plugin-splashscreen - Cordova - [issue]
...Over and above the actual migration of the code into platform repos, we need to do the following:1. Update to reflect maintenance status:– Direct users to file bugs/prs to the plat...    Author: Filip Maj , 2020-06-25, 13:41
[CB-12848] Review cordova-android contribution guidelines, github template - Cordova - [issue]
...The PR template has "platforms affected" as a heading - probably not applicable to cordova-android?Might be worth reviewing the template, which also links to the Contribution Guidelines: htt...    Author: Filip Maj , 2020-06-24, 17:23