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[jira] [Commented] (CURATOR-481) Remove jackson-mapper-asl-version and update to latest version of jackson - Curator - [mail # dev]
   Author: Chris Miles , 2018-10-09, 21:32
[CURATOR-481] Remove jackson-mapper-asl-version and update to latest version of jackson - Curator - [issue]
...There is a vulnerability issue in jackson-mapper-asl-version 1.9.13 and it is no longer supported. The same issue was present in jackson-databind till version    Author: Maxim Pudov , 2018-10-09, 12:12
[CURATOR-229] No retry on DNS lookup failure - Curator - [issue]
...Our environment is setup so that host names (rather than IP addresses) are used when registering services.When disconnecting a node from the network, it will attempt to reconnect and - in or...    Author: Michael Putters , 2018-10-05, 09:33
[CURATOR-477] Ability to turn off Zk Watches in Curator Framework - Curator - [issue]
...In our use case, we use TreeCache to get Zk Data periodically. We start TreeCache read data and close it. In this use case, The ZkWatchManager of ZooKeeper class keeps growing for every Tree...    Author: Rama Chavali , 2018-09-25, 07:40
[CURATOR-475] Cannot effectively set connectionTimeout < 1000ms - Curator - [issue]
...Regardless of the value set in connectionTimeoutMs theCuratorZookeeperClient#internalBlockUntilConnectedOrTimedOut method doesthe initial wait with value of 1 second, effectively making sett...    Author: Martin Betak , 2018-09-23, 03:45
[CURATOR-468] Closing an active leader selector always logs spurious error - Curator - [issue]
...Closing a a leader selector seems to always log spurious error messages.  This only happens when it has assumed leadership because of CURATOR-337.  I think this spurious error logg...    Author: Keith Turner , 2018-09-18, 20:28
[CURATOR-478] LeaderLatch accumulates additional watcher handlers - Curator - [issue]
...In the event of a connection reconnect, LeaderLatch calls reset():    Author: Tim Harper , 2018-09-12, 04:19
[expand - 1 more] - org.apache.curator.x.async.modeled.details.ModeledFrameworkImpl.delete(int) - Curator - [mail # user]
...I opened CURATOR-480 for this: 07.09.2018 13:08, Hendrik Haddorp wrote:> org.apache.curator.x.async.modeled.details.ModeledFrameworkImpl...
   Author: Hendrik Haddorp , 2018-09-10, 16:58
[CURATOR-480] org.apache.curator.x.async.modeled.details.ModeledFrameworkImpl.delete(int) is not using version parameter - Curator - [issue] is defined as:public AsyncStage<Void> delete(int version){    return dslClient.delete().withVersio...    Author: Hendrik Haddorp , 2018-09-10, 16:58
[expand - 2 more] - org.apache.curator.x.async.modeled.details.CachedModeledFrameworkImpl.children() - Curator - [mail # user]
...I opened CURATOR-479 now: 07.09.2018 19:59, Jordan Zimmerman wrote:> Wow - I think this is a bug. If you don't mind, please open an issu...
   Author: Hendrik Haddorp , Jordan Zimmerman , ... , 2018-09-10, 16:57