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[DERBY-3811] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in BasePage.getHeaderAtSlot accessing modified Clob with READ_UNCOMMITTED isolation - Derby - [issue]
...The attached Java program does the following, using two concurrent threads for the last part. a) Inserts a  1 MB Clob. b) UpdateThread changes the Clob to a 0.5 MB Clob, then ...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2014-09-03, 08:31
[DERBY-3825] StoreStreamClob.getReader(charPos) performs poorly - Derby - [issue]
...StoreStreamClob.getReader(charPos) performs poorly because it resets the underlying stream and skips data until it reached the requested character position. Not only does the data has to be ...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3864] Remove utility class PrivilegedFileOps - Derby - [issue]
...The utility class db/derby/code/trunk/java/engine/org/apache/derby/iapi/util/ must be removed to remove the security hole it poses.See DERBY-2556 for (more) discussion ...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2011-01-21, 19:00
[DERBY-3871] EmbedBlob.setBytes returns incorrect insertion count - Derby - [issue]
...EmbedBlob.setBytes returns invalid insertion counts. According to the JavaDoc, it should return the number of bytes inserted. The current implementation seems to return the position in the B...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:21
[DERBY-3874] Document numeric function ATAN2(float1,float2) - Derby - [issue]
...Document the numeric function ATAN2(float1,float2).Mentioned in the JDBC specification, appendix C.1.Implementation documented by the JavaDoc for StrictMath.atan2.According to the JDBC speci...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3407] Incorrectly specifying database name with JDBC protocol causes unhelpful error message in client data sources - Derby - [issue]
...If the database name is specified with the JDBC protocol, the user is presented with very unhelpful error messages.On the embedded side, a meaningful error message is produced and presented ...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-04-23, 13:55
[DERBY-3421] Remove unused code for caching of connect bytes - Derby - [issue]
...The client driver has code for caching connect bytes, but it is not used.This unused code clutters the rest of the code and makes it harder to understand.Secondly, the variable used to deter...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2008-04-26, 15:37
[DERBY-3431] DatabaseMetaData.getConnection returns the wrong connection when using connection pooling - Derby - [issue]
...The connection returned from DatabaseMetaData.getConnection is not the same as the connection used to create the meta data object when the client driver is used with connection pooling enabl...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3438] Allow SQL query text to be null in StatementKey - Derby - [issue]
...Because the SQL isn't checked before the cache is queried, StatementKey should allow the SQL query text to be null.This simplifies handling this exceptional situations, hopefully without com...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2008-02-29, 13:22
[DERBY-3440] Run suites.All with statement pooling enabled and classify the problems occurring - Derby - [issue]
...The patches for the statement pooling feature should soon make it possible to run suites.All with statement caching enabled.I will post a patch that modifies TestConfiguration to return conn...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2008-06-04, 10:51