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[DERBY-3441] Determine and implement a proper procedure for resetting a prepared statement for reuse in a statement pool - Derby - [issue]
...Initial investigations indicate there are no existing suitable methods to properly reset a prepared (or callable) statement for reuse with a statement pool.A full reset is too heavy weight a...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2008-06-23, 10:05
[DERBY-3446] Make ResultSet.getStatement return the correct statement when created by a logical statement - Derby - [issue]
...ResultSet.getStatement must return the correct statement, that is the statement that created the result set.It is particularly important for result set created by logical statements, as leak...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3457] Closing a logical connection must close all associated logical statements - Derby - [issue]
...When a logical connection is closed, all open logical statements created by this connection must be closed.The closing is important per the general principle of cleaning up resources, but es...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2008-06-27, 13:16
[DERBY-3469] Clob.length() doesn't detect a closed underlying connection in a consistent way - Derby - [issue]
...Depending on the state of the Clob, the method length gives two different SQL states when the underlying connection has been closed.According to BlobClob4BlobTest.testClobAfterConnectionClos...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3898] Blob.setBytes differs between embedded and client driver when the specified length is invalid - Derby - [issue]
...Blob.setBytes behaves differently with the embedded driver and the client driver.Assume a 1 byte array and a specified length of 2: Blob.setBytes(1, new byte[] {0x69}, 0, 2)Embedded: IndexOu...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2010-11-29, 14:21
[DERBY-3899] Align usage of @since JavaDoc tags - Derby - [issue]
...A request for comments was posted to the derby-dev mailing list on how to use the @since tags in Derby source code.Mail thread:    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3907] Save useful length information for Clobs in store - Derby - [issue]
...The store should save useful length information for Clobs. This allows the length to be found without decoding the whole data stream.The following thread raised the issue on what information...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2010-05-12, 16:26
[DERBY-3918] Improve transfer buffer utilization for Clobs - Derby - [issue]
...Read DERBY-3769 for details.Briefly, for Clobs containing ASCII characters the content is sent over the network in smaller chunks than necessary. The reason is because the network server is ...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2013-07-17, 01:11
[DERBY-3934] Improve performance of reading modified Clobs - Derby - [issue]
...The performance of reading modified Clobs is poor, which is demonstrated by running a test program selecting a 10 MB Clob and then getting the contents using getSubString: unmodified Clob (S...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3935] Introduce interface for a position aware stream - Derby - [issue]
...Add an interface for streams that are aware of their position and that can reposition itself on request.Initially there will be two such stream objects; PositionedStoreStream and LOBInputStr...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:23