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[DERBY-7003] Jacoco test run needs another permission - Derby - [issue]
...When I run the jacoco-complete target, I see FilePermission errors because write permission has not been granted to trunk/jacoco.exec. Read/write permissions are granted to the user.dir dire...    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-07-12, 22:42
[DERBY-5426] Improve the error raised by too much contention on a sequence/identity. - Derby - [issue]
...Currently, when there is too much contention on a sequence/identity, Derby raises an error saying so. There are two properties which the user can adjust in order to reduce the risk of this e...    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-07-06, 23:01
[DERBY-7002] Change the text of X0Y84 to advise users to tune the value of derby.language.sequence.preallocator - Derby - [issue]
...This is the LANG_TOO_MUCH_CONTENTION_ON_SEQUENCE error message. Right now it says the following:Too much contention on sequence {0}. This is probably caused by an uncommittedscan of the SYS....    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-07-06, 23:02
[DERBY-7004] The replication tests trip over NullPointerExceptions if the jacoco jars are on the classpath - Derby - [issue]
...The replication tests trip over NullPointerExceptions if the jacoco jars are on the classpath but the tests are not executing a jacoco run. We should fix these tests so that the jacoco jars ...    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-07-11, 12:47
[DERBY-6934] Lock conflicts between Statement.getGeneratedKeys() and sequence-generator-based identity columns - Derby - [issue]
...Lock conflicts between Statement.getGeneratedKeys() and sequence-generator-based identity columnsStatement.getGeneratedKeys() is implemented on top of IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL(), which does not pl...    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-07-04, 22:01
[DERBY-6989] Upgrade javacc version - Derby - [issue]
...Our javacc version is still 4.0 on the 10.15 trunk as well as on the 10.14 and older branches. The following command demonstrates this:> java -cp trunk/tools/java/javacc.jar javaccJava Co...    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-03-24, 14:37
[DERBY-6992] Extend user-defined aggregates to include multi-argument aggregators - Derby - [issue]
...Right now, a user can't implement an aggregate like LISTAGG (GROUP_CONCAT) because LISTAGG takes multiple arguments (the expression being concatenated plus a separator character). The cleane...    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-03-25, 17:57
[DERBY-6941] Tasks for producing a 10.14.1 release - Derby - [issue]    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-03-20, 23:13
[DERBY-6856] Make it possible to build Derby using JDK 9 - Derby - [issue]
...Derby can't be built with JDK 9. Java 9 introduces new JDBC classes like java.sql.ShardingKey and methods which refer to these new classes.In addition, project Jigsaw has created a new way t...    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2018-05-28, 21:47
[DERBY-3697] Compiler exception when invoking a routine with  NUMERIC argument on J2ME - Derby - [issue]
...Derby raises an error during byte-code generation when asked to invoke a routine declared to have a NUMERIC argument and to be bound to a method with a BigDecimal argument. According to the ...    Author: Rick Hillegas , 2013-06-03, 12:09