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[DERBY-3720] Add documentation for the connection URL property encryptionKeyLength - Derby - [issue]
...This property seems to be active, but is not documented. See also DERBY-3711....    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2012-09-27, 15:15
[DERBY-3722] Add circularity check for the GRANT role statement - Derby - [issue]
...When a role is granted to another role (with the GRANT <role> statement), we need to check that the grant relation does not give rise to a circularity. This is described in Section 12....    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2009-06-30, 00:14
[DERBY-3736] Revoking a column level privilege from a user, a prepared statement relying on that privilege can still be executed - Derby - [issue]
...When a table level SELECT privilege is revoked, a dependent prepared statement is invalidated and can no longer be executed, but in the case of a column level privilegeSELECT privilege, the ...    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2009-07-01, 16:35
[DERBY-3743] Revoking EXECUTE privilege on a function if used in a CHECK constraint: implementation problem - Derby - [issue]
...The docs say that REVOKE EXECUTE ... RESTRICT should fail if there is a dependent constraint:"The RESTRICT clause specifies that the EXECUTE privilege cannot be revoked if the specified...    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2009-06-30, 00:14
[DERBY-3755] ij's help text lacks the optional [HOLD | NOHOLD] syntax for GET CURSOR - Derby - [issue]
...ij's help command shows the syntax of GET CURSOR as:GET [SCROLL INSENSITIVE] CURSOR name AS 'SQL-J query';                     ...    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3610] Confusing error message when granting execute privilege - Derby - [issue]
...When the wrong keyword is used in a grant execute privilege statement, the error messageleads one the believe the identifier is neither a procedure or a function, when in deed it is one of t...    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2011-05-30, 15:22
[DERBY-3661] Typo yields redundant test case in GrantRevokeTest - Derby - [issue]
...In GrantRevokeTest#testSimpleGrant, these two line are identical; the least linejust repeats the test case. This is probably just a typo.  assertSelectPrivilege(false, users[2],...    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3666] Make role descriptor a dependency Provider - Derby - [issue]
...Since dropping roles and revoking role grants (and setting the currentrole) can effect dependent objects, we need to track suchdependencies. Derby already has a system for this, so we make t...    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2009-06-30, 00:14
[DERBY-3667] SQL roles: Make CURRENT_ROLE check that the role is still valid - Derby - [issue]
...When a role is the current role of a session, and that role is eithera) revoked from current user or dropped, the present implementationdoes not actually reset the current role of value of t...    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2009-06-30, 00:14
[DERBY-3673] Add checks that a new role isn't already a user authorization id - Derby - [issue]
...Derby current does not have dictionary information about legal users.Authentication is configurable as being derby internal, LDAP based, oruser supplied.SQL specifies that user ids and role ...    Author: Dag H. Wanvik , 2009-05-04, 18:22