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[DERBY-3399] The automatic compile path property setting for the build system should be expanded to handle Java SE 6 virtual machines. - Derby - [issue]
...Setting jdk16 in my to IBM's JavaSE 6.0 JDK does not produce a successful build.I think the issue is that this line in is specific to Sun's Java SE impl...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2013-03-15, 18:07
[DERBY-3401] Removing a ConnectionEventListener from a PooledConnection during its connectionClosed() callback causes other ConnectionEventListener callbacks to be missed - Derby - [issue]
...A ConnectionEventListener should be able to remove itself as a listener during a callback without affecting any other callbacks.DataSourceTest.subtestPooledRemoveListenerOnClose() tests the ...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2011-01-21, 17:51
[DERBY-3424] Add an MBean that an application can register to change the state of Derby's JMX management - Derby - [issue]
...JMX in Derby was originally proposed as a mechanism to configure Derby replacing or enhancing the system properties which tend to be static in nature. Thus it is somewhat ironic that jmx is ...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2009-09-23, 23:55
[DERBY-3429] Remove system property derby.system.jmx - Derby - [issue]
...I don't believe that derby.system.jmx provides any benefit and is counter to the concept of using JMX for management.The one use case for it from DERBY-1387 is:Making the Derby JMX automatic...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2008-10-06, 14:26
[DERBY-3448] Allow the MailJdbc system test to run under junit. - Derby - [issue]
...It would be good to get the mailjdbc test to run under junit to allow use of the utilities there and decorators such as running the test getting all connections from a data source with a sta...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2013-06-13, 23:25
[DERBY-3449] Add a jmx utility for creating JMX TabularData from a JDBC ResultSet - Derby - [issue]
...It might be useful to allow JMX clients to view JDBC result sets, maybe for arbitrary queries and probably for DatabaseMetaData ResultSets.I hacked up some code to try this out, it requires ...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2008-02-23, 21:16
[DERBY-3461] EmbedSQLWarning should be renamed SQLWarningFactory and return java.sql.SQLWarning objects and not a Derby specific implementation. - Derby - [issue]
...One side effect is that the toString() of such a warning would change format from starting with "SQLWarning: " to "java.sql.SQLWarning: ", which should match any warnings created on the netw...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2011-01-21, 17:51
[DERBY-3462] Require new permissions in to allow control to Derby's JMX management and to ensure information is not leaked through JMX - Derby - [issue]
...Plan is to implement proposal defined in: for the ability to call the opera...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2011-01-21, 17:51
[DERBY-3466] Investigate ability to run multiple Derby systems in same JVM with different sets of MBeans. - Derby - [issue]
...One of the reasons for JMX was to move away from system properties (specifically derby.system.home) to allow multiple Derby systems running within the same virtual machine. It would be good ...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2008-03-07, 14:52
[DERBY-3476] Permissions and Principal objects added by this feature need to be final and have serialization identifiers - Derby - [issue]
...Need serialization id to ensure the class is portable across releases.Need final to provide security.(assumes patch10 is committed from DERBY-2109)...    Author: Daniel John Debrunner , 2016-09-09, 09:51